Putin pardoned a member of the Satanist gang who fought in Ukraine

Putin pardoned a member of the Satanist gang who fought in Ukraine

One of the members of the gang of so-called Yaroslavl Satanists, Nikolay Ogolobyak, was pardoned by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, after participating in the war in Ukraine. This was reported by 76.ru on Tuesday with reference to the father of the convicted person.

33-year-old Nikolay Ogolobyak was supposed to be in prison until 2030. However, he is now at home. According to his father, he served in Ukraine for six months in the “Storm Z” detachment and was seriously wounded, after which he returned home on November 2. “While no one is working, it is being restored. It is unlikely that they will take it back to the SVO (as the Russian authorities call the full-scale invasion of Ukraine – RS.),” said a 76.ru source.

Also, Ogolobyak Sr. said that his son lives in the Dzerzhinsky district of Yaroslavl with his mother. She and Nikolai’s father are divorced. “The family tries not to remember the events of fifteen years ago,” the publication writes.

The material says about the sect of Satanists that it was formed in Yaroslavl in 2006. Nikolay Ogolobyak and his acquaintances – Aleksey Chistyakov, Konstantin Baranov, Ksenia Kovaleva, Alexander Voronov, Aleksey Soloviev, Sergey Karpenko and Anton Makovkin committed ritual murders of 4 teenagers, ASTRA Telegram channel notes. The events took place in June 2008. The bodies of the killed were dismembered, some organs were eaten.

The investigation of the case lasted several years. Due to the fact that the bodies of the murdered teenagers were mutilated, the investigators needed many examinations, including DNA analyses. The first hearing in the case was held on February 24, 2010 in the Yaroslavl Regional Court, and the verdict was handed down at the end of July of the same year. At that time, only Nikolay Ogolobyak was of legal age. He was found guilty of molesting the places of the dead, committed by a group of persons, murder of two persons, committed by a group according to a preliminary agreement, molestation of the bodies of the dead, committed by a group. Ogolobyak was sentenced to 20 years in a penal colony. The other defendants received from two to ten years of imprisonment.

Earlier this month, the “Agentstvo” publication wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned at least 17 people convicted of murder in Russia in 2022 and 2023. All of them participated in the war in Ukraine and returned from the front to freedom. Some have already committed new crimes, the “Agency” noted.

  • In the summer of 2022, its founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin, began to actively recruit prisoners into the ranks of PMC “Wagner”. After six months at the front in “Wagner” detachments, former prisoners received amnesty. Some of those named by the “Agency” among those pardoned fought in “Wagner”. After Prigozhin’s conflict with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, prisoners began to be recruited not into PMCs, but directly into army units, in particular, into Storm Z assault units.

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