Russian Klyushin was sentenced to 9 years in prison in the United States

Russian Klyushin was sentenced to 9 years in prison in the United States

A court in Boston sentenced Russian Vladyslav Klyushin to nine years in prison in a cybercrime case. This is reported by Reuters.

In February, the court found the 42-year-old businessman, whose company had previously developed a media and social network monitoring system for the Russian authorities, guilty of criminal conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud. The speech itself, however, was announced only today. The prosecutor demanded 14 years of imprisonment for him.

The prosecution in Boston believes that the Russian is involved in the scheme of illegal trading of shares with the use of hacking other people’s computers. She brought the suspects a profit in the amount of 82 million dollars, according to the investigation.

Klyushin is the owner of the “M13” company, which developed a system for monitoring blogs and mass media “Katyusha”, which is used by the administration of the President of Russia and the Ministry of Defense. The Russian was arrested in March 2021 in the Swiss canton of Valais. In April, the American consulate in Bern requested his extradition. He was extradited to the United States, despite the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia also requested his extradition (Russian authorities often initiate criminal cases against Russians whose extradition is required by the United States to prevent this extradition).

The Bloomberg agency also reported that Klyushin has information about the hacking of the Democratic Party’s servers by a group of hackers from Russian military intelligence.

In addition to 42-year-old Klyushin, four more Russians are accused in the case. One of them, Ivan Ermakov, is called by the US Treasury Department a former employee of the GRU. In 2018, he was accused of involvement in election interference in the United States.

Klyushin is the only one arrested and the only one who appeared before the court. Reuters notes that he is one of the most “status” Russians in custody in the United States. His name was mentioned among possible candidates for a prisoner exchange between the United States and Russia.

The Russian did not admit his guilt. Klyushin is expected to appeal the sentence.

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