the action “Noon against Putin” has begun

the action “Noon against Putin” has begun

March 17 is the third, final day of voting in the presidential elections in Russia. Independent observers and experts assess the elections as non-free and non-competitive. Not a single real opposition candidate was admitted to the voting procedure.

On the first day of voting, March 15, voter turnout exceeded 38%, on the second – 58%. There were calls to set fire to polling stations and deface ballots, when ballot boxes were filled with ink and green.

On Sunday, the opposition announced the action “Noon against Putin”. She called on the protest electorate to come to the polling stations by 12 noon. Thus, those who disagree with the Kremlin’s policy will be able to meet like-minded people and see that they are not alone. The idea belongs to Maksym Reznyk, ex-deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from Yabloka. She was supported by many opposition politicians, including Alexei Navalny shortly before his death.

On March 14, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement calling the appeals to come to the polls on March 17 at noon “impeding the free exercise by citizens of their electoral rights and the work of election commissions” and threatened the participants with criminal prosecution.

The publication “7×7” reports that at noon local time, noticeable queues formed at polling stations in Novosibirsk. In Chita, police surveillance has been intensified in front of the stations, and there are car park guards on duty.

Radio Svoboda monitors the progress of voting and protest actions and supplements this news as information becomes available.

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