The court denied Navalny’s mother’s claim to the colony where he died

The court denied Navalny’s mother’s claim to the colony where he died

The court rejected the claim of the mother of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny, who died in the colony, about improper medical care for her son. Navalny’s associate Ivan Zhdanov reported this on Thursday.

According to the decision of the court in the city of Labytnangy, Lyudmila Navalny’s rights were not violated in any way by the employees of the colony in Harpa, where he died, and only the deceased Alexei Navalny himself could act as a plaintiff in the case.

“Alexei filed lawsuits many times about the non-provision of medical aid to the colonies. The lawsuits were denied. Now he was killed, and his family’s lawsuit is being denied with mocking wording,” writes Zhdanov.

Alexey Navalny died on February 16 in a special regime colony in the Arctic village of Harp. Navalny’s associates believe that he was killed and blame him for the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. FSIN claimed that Navalny died of natural causes – he suddenly became ill, and resuscitation measures did not lead to success. The exact diagnosis is not known. The details of the lawsuit filed by Navalny’s mother are also unknown.

Earlier, the relatives of Alexei Navalny filed an application to initiate a criminal case under the article of abuse of the body of the deceased, due to the fact that Navalny’s body, in violation of the terms established by law, was not handed over to his mother for a long time. In the end, he was given away, the politician was buried in Moscow only on March 1. The fate of the application is not yet known.

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