The court sentenced those involved in the death of the children on Syamozer to actual terms

The court sentenced those involved in the death of the children on Syamozer to actual terms

On September 11, the court in Petrozavodsk sentenced two instructors to real terms. involved in the death of children on Syamozere in Karelia in 2016. Valery Krupoderschikov received six years in the colony of the general regime, Pavel Ilyin – five. They are found guilty under the article “providing services that do not meet safety requirements”. Earlier, the court found Ilyin innocent, and Krupodorshchykov was released from punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. The Court of Cassation overturned this decision and referred the case for reconsideration.

The tragedy on Syamozere occurred in June 2016. Then more than 50 teenagers who were resting in the camp “Park-Hotel “Syamozero” went on a water trip in kayaks and rafts. Due to the rising storm, the watercraft overturned. 14 schoolchildren drowned.

According to the investigation, the trip took place on defective watercraft with an excess capacity, the children did not have life jackets of the required size. In addition, the instructors ignored reports of an approaching storm.

Krupodorshchikov was also accused of not making sufficient efforts to save the children. Pavel Ilyin does not admit his guilt, since he was not at the scene of the events: that day he excused himself from the camp in order to go to the Petrozavodsk College for counseling before the defense of his diploma.

  • After the tragedy on Syamozere, the camp was closed. Its director, Elena Reshetova, was sentenced to nine and a half years in a colony. The court also sentenced paramedic Iryna Shcherbakova, who was performing the duties of dispatcher on the ambulance phone, to three years in a penal colony. When she received a call from the injured teenagers, Shcherbakova took it for a prank and did not react. Because of this, the rescue operation began only 20 hours after the tragedy.

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