The Yamal court banned Navalny’s surname as “extremist”

The Yamal court banned Navalny’s surname as “extremist”

The court of Novy Urengoy in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug fined a doctor one thousand rubles who shouted the name of Alexei Navalny in the square after the politician’s death. The court ruled that Navalny is prohibited on the territory of Russia. This was reported by the “Sova” research center.

The protocol on the “public demonstration of extremist symbols” was drawn up for the therapist Gazrat Zulmanov. The reason was a video in which he shouts: “For Navalny! Navalny was a fighter for our freedom! Today he was killed! Does everyone really care?”.

The court agreed with what was said in the protocol and directly wrote in the ruling that “Navalny is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

This is not the first case of prosecution for mentioning the name of an opposition politician who died in the colony in Harpe in Yanao. Previously, Murmansk activist Maryna-Viktoria Nagornykh was arrested three times for mentioning his name.

On March 1, Nagornykh was arrested for 7 days for writing Navalny’s last name on a poster about his murder (the court considered it “extremist symbolism”). After her release from the detention center on March 7, the activist was detained again for a photo of Alexei Navalny (also recognized by the court as extremist material). On March 13, the Nagornykhs were sentenced to one-week detention for the third time – the reason was again a poster with the “extremist” surname of Navalny.

  • Navalny died on February 16 in the Polar Wolf special regime colony. In the conclusion about his death, it is said that the politician died of natural causes. Supporters of the politician believe that he was killed.

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