Wives of those mobilized in Krasnoyarsk received threats because of an attempt to organize a rally

Wives of those mobilized in Krasnoyarsk received threats because of an attempt to organize a rally

Valentina Vorontsova, assistant to the representative of the Krasnoyarsk regional assembly from “United Russia” Elena Penzina, forced the initiators of the rally for the return of the mobilized to withdraw from the Telegram chat “The Way to Krasnoyarsk”. In this chat, the wives of the mobilized agreed to organize a rally on November 19 for the rotation of military personnel for the war in Ukraine.

Now those who write about the need to hold a street action, despite the prohibition of the authorities, are accused of ties to Ukraine, the wife of the mobilized person from Krasnoyarsk, Maryna, told the editors of Sibir.Realii.

Earlier, the authorities banned the rally scheduled for November 19 in Krasnoyarsk citing restrictions related to COVID-19. The relatives of the military informed the editors of Sibir.Realii that they were also sent a notice of responsibility for participation in uncoordinated actions under two administrative articles. When the wives of the mobilized people stated in the chat about the need to write requests to officials about why dozens of other public events are being held in the city, and they were threatened with prosecution for one action, the chat administrator began to accuse them of ties to Ukraine.

“No one transferred the rights of the administrator to Vorontsova, as other mass media write, – says one of the applicants of the rally in Krasnoyarsk on the condition of anonymity. – The administrator of Krasnoyarsk “Puty domoym” was originally Irina, she, together with Vorontsova, is engaged in collecting humanitarian aid for the military. But unlike Vorontsova’s husband, like mine, is not a commander, but a private. They serve in the same regiment. That’s why when Vorontsova, the organizer of the “Zа свойх” community, started harassing me in her chat for calling me to go to the rally, despite the prohibition of the authorities, I was outraged , but I wasn’t very surprised: her husband is a commander, and not a wounded private, who can probably fight for another hour. I left this chat (it was Vorontsova who closed the “Za sovyh” chat), then Vorontsova came to the Krasnoyarsk “Put domoym” and come on, and there they will accuse me of being a Ukrainian, allegedly on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And Irina supported her nonsense! In the end, they silenced everyone who called for the return of their husbands at any cost. But I left the chat myself.”

According to the interlocutor, some of the chat participants were also dissatisfied with the decision of the authorities and insisted on holding a rally. They are accused of rudeness and treachery, but the “Put domoym.Krasnoyarsk” chat itself has not been deleted and is still open.

  • Novosibirsk City Hall also did not coordinate a similar rally on November 19. Earlier, relatives of the military reported that the event in Omsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and the Altai Republic was approved by the authorities. The organizers of the action demand to establish a limit of stay of those mobilized for war – 1 hour, to commission all the wounded, and also to expand the list of diseases due to which military personnel must be commissioned.
  • On November 7, in Moscow, relatives of those mobilized from different cities of Russia came out with posters demanding to return them home. After this action, the wives and mothers of servicemen united in groups to go to rallies across the country on November 19, the wife of the man mobilized from Krasnoyarsk told the editorial office. Chat participants opened regional channels, now the list includes 31 regions whose residents have joined the manifesto.

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