10 tips when choosing a clinic for surgery – Publications

10 tips when choosing a clinic for surgery – Publications


If you have a diagnosis that requires surgery, choosing a clinic and a surgeon is not an easy task. We offer 10 tips for choosing a medical clinic for a surgical operation.

1. Recommendations of loved ones and relatives. If they already had a similar experience and underwent a similar operation, you can listen to their recommendations of the doctor and the clinic. But remember that each body is unique, we all have different levels of general health, concomitant diseases, immunity and mental stability, which, with the same diagnosis, can significantly affect the outcome of surgical treatment and rehabilitation.

2. Recommendations and referral of your attending physician. These can either be referrals to a public hospital for surgical treatment, or referrals to an expert in a field that your doctor knows, or a referral to a specific clinic on the terms of reimbursement for your doctor.

3. Public reviews on the Internet. Reviews on the medical institution’s own website are moderated by the site owner or even written by the owner. On aggregator sites, where medical and other institutions are collected, the reviews have a little more credibility, but there is also a risk that the ratings may be custom.

Directly in Google on the account of a medical institution, reviews, evaluations and comments have a significant weight and degree of trust. Pay attention to the profile of the person who wrote the review – if it is not newly created, has a photo, and also has more than one review in history – it is most likely a real person who has had an experience and shared it.

It is worth paying attention to how the representatives of the medical institution responded to the negative feedback, and whether they responded at all. No one is immune to unforeseen circumstances or patient dissatisfaction, but it is indicative of how institutions resolve negative situations.

4. It is highly desirable that the surgeon and the clinic specialize in your type of disease and surgical treatment. These are so-called specialized or profile clinics. In this case, it is more likely that everything necessary for the operation will be available: equipment, tools and materials. Even if something unforeseen happens during the operation or after, you can be more sure that the doctors have all the tools at hand to overcome any difficulties. It is also advisable to make sure that the medical institution uses the latest equipment and modern approaches.

In the Surgical Center of the country DIEVO, the latest methods of surgical operations are used: endoscopic (through the natural channels of the body), laparoscopic (through punctures), laser and other technologies. This ensures maximum preservation of healthy organs, tissues and functions of the body, quick recovery of patients with discharge in 1-2 days, minimal risk of complications and relapses.

5. The virtuosity of the surgeon, his practical skills and direct practical experience become very important when choosing a doctor for surgery. Often, the success of the operation lies precisely in the skill of the surgeons. Pay attention to the number of operations for your disease that the doctor has performed and is performing. There was a case in the DIEVO center of surgical solutions when a patient decided to have a stomach resection for weight loss right here, when he heard that the surgeon of the clinic had performed three such operations in the current week alone. All specialists of the DIEVO medical center are practicing surgeons, professors, candidates of sciences with the experience of thousands of successful operations.

6. Before making a decision – where and with whom to operate – it is very desirable to communicate with the surgeon live, to come to a personal or at least an online consultation. The patient has the right to know by what method the doctor plans to perform the operation, what are the forecasts for the success of the surgical intervention, the planned rehabilitation and recovery period, possible risks or complications, and their probability. It is important to feel trust in a specific specialist and a person to whom you entrust your life and health.

Surgeons of the Dievo Surgical Center perform operations on patients in the same way they would perform them on their parents. A real surgeon always cares about the patient, as for a close person. It is also important to have a pre-operative consultation and contact with an anesthesiologist, who can refer you to additional examinations in view of the general condition of your body. It is with the anesthetist that you decide on the type of pain relief and anesthesia during the operation and have the opportunity to discuss the risks and precautions involved.

In the DIEVO center of surgical solutions, the safest and minimally necessary anesthesia methods are individually selected for the patient after a thorough examination of the state of health. This ensures a comfortable exit from anesthesia and a quick return to normal life.

7. When choosing a medical center, find out about all the conditions for the pre- and post-operative stay, the list of examinations that must be completed before and after the operation. If the medical clinic insists on having all the tests done exclusively at their clinic, this may not be convenient, more expensive and will lengthen your stay at the clinic. The DIEVO clinic, a center for surgical solutions, has many patients from other cities of Ukraine and abroad. If desired, they undergo all the necessary examinations at their place of residence, send the results to the clinic online, undergo an online consultation with doctors and come directly to the operation.

8. Ask about all the details and conditions of stay – what to take with you in terms of things and medicines. In many public hospitals, for example, you have to take almost everything, including dishes, toilet paper, soap, sometimes even food is not enough. In some private clinics, food or injections are not included in the price of stay and are calculated separately. In the DIEVO surgical center, the price of stay includes 3 meals a day, a terry bathrobe, individual slippers and all personal hygiene products are provided. All rooms are fully equipped for a comfortable stay. Additionally, the patient pays only for the medications prescribed to him after the operation.

9. In addition to physical comfort, the psychological state and speed of rehabilitation are affected by postoperative medical support and the care of junior medical personnel. It is important that the doctor and nurses are available 24/7 for full supervision and post-operative care.

In DIEVO, a doctor on duty, a junior medical staff, is available 24 hours a day, and is examined by the surgeon who operated every day. After the operation, blood and urine parameters are monitored if necessary. DIEVO’s orderlies and nurses provide such a level of home care and care that sometimes patients ask to extend their stay in the clinic for rest and recovery.

10. Price and total cost of surgical treatment. Conditionally free operation in a state hospital in fact, it may cost more in the end than in a private hospital. In addition to gratitude to the doctor and the anesthesiologist, we have to thank the junior medical staff so that they give injections or a dropper, etc., on time.

In private medical centers, pricing also happens differently. Pay attention to whether the price of the operation includes medical supplies, consumables and tools. How is the cost of the stay formed: does it include food and the necessary procedures, manipulations, bandages. At the DIEVO surgical center, the patient receives a preliminary calculation of the full cost of treatment, at the time of discharge, there are no hidden charges, all charges are transparent and coincide with the preliminary calculation.

And finally.

The best surgeon is the one who understands that if the operation does not lead to an improvement in the quality of life, and the person will have even more discomfort, then he will dissuade the patient from performing a surgical operation. The presence of the disease is not an indication for surgery.

In the DIEVO surgical center, the most important thing is the safety of the patient, as well as the quality of his life, which should improve after surgery.

Easy and successful treatment for you!

The surgical center of the country DIEVO is the level of surgery you were looking for.

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