60% of Ukrainians feel grateful when they meet servicemen with disabilities – survey

60% of Ukrainians feel grateful when they meet servicemen with disabilities – survey

The main emotions that Ukrainians feel when meeting a disabled soldier are gratitude (60%) and sympathy (50%).

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the “Rating” sociological group.

Those who do not have close relatives with disabilities said that they often feel confused when meeting them, because they do not know how to behave.

At the same time, people who do not have military friends with disabilities feel pride more often than others, while servicemen with disabilities and their relatives talk more about the emotion of sadness.

Screenshot of the results of the “Rating” survey

“Respondents with disabilities themselves call pity, apprehension, and sometimes indifference as the predominant feelings that people feel towards them, which they associate with the lack of sufficient experience of communicating with people with disabilities among Ukrainians. When such feelings are manifested, it is more difficult for them to build communication, or to ask for help. Pity especially annoys military respondents with disabilities.” – say sociologists.

When meeting with civilians who have disabilities, the first emotion of the respondents is sympathy (71%) and sadness (34%). Fewer respondents feel hopeful (15%), confused (11%) and grateful (7%).

“The majority of focus group participants indicated that they feel compassion and immediately noted that they show it much less often, because people with disabilities find this compassion annoying and they do not need it.” – says the study.

Instead of pity, people with disabilities would prefer to see effective assistance. If a person is blind – suggest and explain something, if he has physical difficulties – help to solve them.

How people with disabilities are perceived in Ukrainian society

64% of respondents believe that society has a positive attitude towards disabled servicemen, while civilians with disabilities are mostly neutral (48% of respondents expressed this opinion).

“On the contrary, most of the research participants believed that the attitude towards people with disabilities in society is rather indifferent and neutral, because war, daily deaths and injuries of soldiers, a large number of people with visible disabilities on the streets – all this causes getting used to this state of affairs.”– explained in “Rating”.

Half of the interviewees often meet people with disabilities. Another 50% do not see them or rarely see them in their everyday life. Most often, people with disabilities can be found on city/village streets, answered 61% of respondents. Another 23-26% see such people in parks, public places, transport and shops, and 22% live with a person with a disability.

The survey was conducted from August 28 to September 1. 2,000 people from different regions of Ukraine took part in it.

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