A lighter plate with a curve: the first women’s armored suit was shown in Kyiv. PHOTO

A lighter plate with a curve: the first women’s armored suit was shown in Kyiv.  PHOTO

In Kyiv, the first women’s armored suit was shown, which takes into account the body structure of military personnel and weighs less than a standard male suit. The product was presented near the monument to Princess Olga, to which veterans wore body armor as part of the “She Needs Armor” action the day before, UP reports. Life. According to the manufacturers, the new “Bronik” is faster to reset, weighs less than the standard men’s, adjusted to the anatomical features of women, and also has evenly distributed weight. The body armor includes protection for the torso, neck, groin and legs. Parts of the suit can be detached to provide female defenders with mobility. Read also: Body armor for children is our new reality. How the Lviv Defense Cluster Saves Ukrainians’ Lives The first women’s armored suit, which takes into account the body structure of female military personnel, was shown in Kyiv. The development was presented by the manufacturer “Ukrainian Armor”. The armored suit was created at the request of the Ministry of Defense and the servicewomen themselves. “Currently, about 5,000 female military personnel are at ground zero in the zone of double risk, because they do not have women’s ammunition. This poses health risks for them, and psychologically, women do not feel protected. They are forced to wear men’s bulletproof vests, which are not tight adhere to the body,” the company says. Flat body armor usually rubs on women, so manufacturers have developed curved “Men’s” body armor, which is issued in the army, very heavy and not adapted to the structure of women’s bodies. A flat armor plate usually rubs against women, so manufacturers have developed a plate that takes into account the anatomical features of the female body. “There is no anatomical curve in the men’s armored suit, so in women the chest is opened, a large area of ​​damage,” says the director of “Ukrainian Armor” Yan Goncharov. Also, the kit was made easier due to composite ceramic-polyethylene plates, instead of metal ones. The fabric in the body armor itself is armored with soft ballistic protection The fabric in the body armor itself is armored with soft ballistic protection, say the manufacturers. According to them, even without an additional plate, the body armor should protect against debris (class 2 protection). However, any plate can be inserted into the plate carrier, if it is necessary to provide the 4th class of protection (against bullets), which is necessary for fighters at “zero”. “The material that is armored with soft ballistic protection is about 20% lighter than anything that exists in the second protection class. It is a soft ballistic package, the armor bends, recovers its shape, it can be washed. You can integrate a plate for 4- th, 6th grade. But it will only protect vital organs (no neck, shoulders, groin – ed.). Everything else will be “armored” exclusively from debris. Unfortunately, there is no solution for the whole body to be armored “, Yan Goncharov explains. Now the product will be tested by the Ministry of Defense Armored suit is presented in sizes from S to XL. Each product can be additionally tightened with the help of rubber bands, fastening system. The suit of armor has already passed internal checks. The company says that paramedic “Tyra” and volunteer Tata Kepler joined the testing. Now the product will be tested by the Ministry of Defense, after which there will be negotiations. Currently, it is not known how many servicewomen will be able to be provided with such protection. The cost of the suit is about 50 thousand hryvnias – it is much more expensive than a standard army suit. Photo: UP. Life It will be recalled that on September 13, members of the Women’s Veterans Movement dressed Princess Olga in a bulletproof vest with the inscription “She needs armor” to draw the attention of the Ministry of Defense to the problem of the lack of protection for military women. The action was supported by the KMDA and the Ministry of Culture. “Through this public action, we appeal to the Ministry of Defense to publicly appeal to all manufacturers of body armor to unite and provide female military personnel with reliable ammunition that takes into account anatomy. If we do not start doing this immediately, we are actually losing our military,” said Yuliya Kirillova, co-founder of the VETERANKA movement . Female veterans emphasize that defenders of Ukraine need women’s bulletproof vests, comfortable winter uniforms, helmets, small berets and other ammunition. “We publicly declare that we have tested the armor protection of several Ukrainian manufacturers. Our feedback is positive, purchases from abroad are delivered in a critically long time, one of the deliveries from America took six months. Therefore, we emphasize that the material and technical support of the protectors should be not on the shoulders of volunteers, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,” the representatives of the movement add. Previously, Ukraine officially approved military uniforms for women. Read also: How to choose a bulletproof vest, a toe cap, plates and a helmet for war. Instruction

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