A military man who was traveling with a dog was not allowed into the “Intercity” train: details

A military man who was traveling with a dog was not allowed into the “Intercity” train: details


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A military serviceman traveling with a dog from Kyiv to Chernihiv was not allowed to take his seat on the Intercity train. They were forced to stand in the vestibule all the way.

About this situation in his Instagram reported Daria Ruban. The girl met the fighter when she was on her way to the cafe car in the train.

“I asked Valery why he was standing in the vestibule with his things and his dog. The defense attorney answered: “Well… they don’t allow it.” – she told comments for “UP. Life”.

Daria Ruban says that she offered the soldier to rest at her place, and instead she will stay with Yermi – that’s the name of Valery’s four-legged friend. However, the fighter refused.

According to Daria, Yermi is a friendly dog. She behaved calmly, none of the passengers complained about her.

“I realized that I cannot remain silent about this situation. She turned to the conductor with a request to explain the situation. To which I received the answer that the ban on driving with large dogs is provided for by the rules and cannot be violated.” – says the girl.

Then she decided to take a photo of a fighter with a dog to talk about injustice in the social network.

“To serve Ukraine, go for work “with a partner”, and in return have such an attitude towards yourself… No one made concessions. I also did not see any of the passengers stand up for Valery. It’s a shame…” Daria Ruban said.

Oksana Danyliuk, a representative of the press service of “Ukrzaliznytsia” in a comment for “UP. Life”, noted that, according to the rules developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, it is forbidden to travel with large dogs (over 45 centimeters tall) on “Intercity” trains. You can travel with such animals only after purchasing all the seats in the compartment. Also, the dog must have a muzzle.

If a passenger with a large pet intends to use Intercity, they will travel in the vestibule, explains UZ.

We will remind you that it is official in Ukraine allowed to take pets in the shelter.


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