A passenger Boeing 787 landed in Antarctica for the first time

A passenger Boeing 787 landed in Antarctica for the first time

The largest passenger plane in the world, Boeing 787, landed for the first time on the ice continent – in Antarctica.

This is reported by Sky News.

There were 45 passengers on board – researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute. 12 tons of scientific equipment were also delivered to Antarctica.

The plane landed at the Troll airfield. It is actually a strip of blue ice 3 km long. The improvised airfield “works” only from October to March.

Photo: brostock01/Depositphotos

“Most important are the environmental benefits we can achieve by using large and modern aircraft of this type for Troll,” – said the director of the institute Camilla Brekke.

Up to 10 aircraft of various sizes fly into Antarctica each year, but the ability to fly much larger aircraft will help reduce the number of flights required.

The flight was organized by Norse Atlantic Airways. Representatives of this airline said that this is a historic moment for them.

“The first B787 Dreamliner to land in Antarctica! We are incredibly honored to be a part of this piece of history, marking a special milestone for Norse.” – the airline added.

We will remind you that polar explorers from the “Akademik Vernadskyi” station recently showed the first penguin eggs in the new year and how sea leopards are “soothing” during the crisis.

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