A “penguin guide” appeared in Britain, which helps a sick friend. PHOTO

A “penguin guide” appeared in Britain, which helps a sick friend.  PHOTO

In the British bird park, a penguin with partial visual impairment found a “guide”.

A female African penguin named Squid has had cataracts since childhood, a disease that causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy.

However, the disease did not prevent her from finding a friend in the largest British bird park, Birdworld, located in Surrey, BBC and ITV.News reported.

The “guide” for the female was another 3-year-old African penguin named Penguin (yes, that’s his real name). He guides Squid around the enclosure and helps with feeding when she loses her spatial orientation.

“This friendship between them was formed from an early age, and she learned to follow him while feeding“, said bird keeper Polly Bramham.

Squid and her handler named Penguin complement each other perfectly

Penguin’s story was also difficult. When the bird was born, it was not even given a name, because no one hoped for its survival.

Penguin was treated for a long time, he was very timid and dependent on caretakers. In fact, he had to learn to be a penguin because he joined the colony much later.

Despite all the difficulties, Penguin became friends with Squid. Since then, they help each other and live happily in a colony of their own kind.

“We didn’t expect Penguin and Squid to form such a close bond. It’s obvious that Penguin’s attentiveness has had a huge impact on Squid’s confidence.”– added bird park worker Natalie Marshall.

The behavior of the birds once again showed the zoo workers what deep connections can be formed in the animal world.

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The photo shows a Squid penguin. Source: Birdworld Surrey

The keepers say that the penguins complement each other: Squid is brave and Penguin is very patient.

Whether the penguins will become spouses is not yet known, because they have not yet reached the age of sexual maturity. However, penguins usually pair up once in a lifetime.

“We’ll see if they become a couple, but as friends they’re compatible.” – adds Polly Bramham.

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