A rare calf with two faces was born in the southern United States – video

A rare calf with two faces was born in the southern United States – video


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In the American state of Louisiana, a calf was born with two faces – four eyes, two noses, mouths and ears.

The animal was named Deux Face, where “deux” in French means “two”, writes Associated Press.

The calf is currently 10 days old. The owner of the farm is Don Bro named it is a miracle that it was born alive.

“The calf will likely have a short lifespan and only live a few days” – noted Bro.

According to him, the majority of calves with polycephaly are stillborn – the probability is 1 in 400 million.

Some such animals live for several hours or days.

Polycephaly – this the result of incomplete division of one embryo or incomplete fusion of two separate embryos. The condition is characterized by the presence of several heads.

Polycephaly is mostly found in reptiles – Frsnakes and turtles.

Currently, Deux Face’s calf has weak legs and cannot move on its own. Due to the double face, it is difficult for the animal to raise its head.

Farm workers feed him from a bottle.

“Deux Face is a girl. It doesn’t look like she is suffering or in pain. We are constantly monitoring her. She has overcome many challenges, but only time will tell her future. We hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” said Don Bro.

He also added that the animal is not for sale. For the animal’s peace of mind, the farmers do not allow visitors and journalists to approach it.

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