A scammer tried to sell a rubber band defibrillator on OLX

A scammer tried to sell a rubber band defibrillator on OLX

A rubber band defibrillator was spotted on OLX


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The charity fund “100% Life” noticed an ad on OLX with a photo of medical equipment that was delivered to the hospital as humanitarian aid from Japanese partners.

On the photo of the defibrillator there were characteristic stickers with the logo of the organization, stated Dmytro Sherembey, head of the charity fund “100% Life”.

This is either a brazen attempt to make money from humanitarian aid or some nefarious attempt to discredit the help of partners to Ukraine.

I appeal to the management of olx.ua to help us identify this person! This situation is a direct violation of our fundamental value: fighting for life!” – he emphasized.

In a comment for “UP.Zhyttia”, he said that his colleagues saw the ad and sent him a link to the sale of a defibrillator.

We quickly monitored all the hospitals to which this batch of equipment was supplied. Our main goal is not to catch this person (although that is also important) who placed the ad, but to find out where he or she got it from. After all, it is clear that expensive equipment cannot just disappear unnoticed from the hospital,” – explains the head of the “100% Life” charitable foundation, Dmytro Sherembey.

He added that separate requests will be sent to these medical institutions on March 20. The fund also turned to the cyber police – they hope to find a seller of humanitarian aid.

“All humanitarian shipments are very simple in nature – they have a digital footprint that leads to the end user. In the case of equipment, it’s a hospital.”– explains the head of the fund.

Dmytro notes that he hoped to identify the name of the person selling the defibrillator by the phone number that was in the ad. He assumed that someone among his contacts could have this number, but it was not possible to find out anything.

In each of the regions, the charitable foundation has a representative office, so the employees of the regional office started calling the fraudster. But he turned off his phone and deleted the ad almost immediately.

Defibrillator logo of the charitable foundation

Defibrillator logo of the charitable foundation

Screenshot from the OLX site

Dmytro adds that this is not the first case of a possible sale of a humanitarian woman. He says that he had already had to “catch” sellers of rare therapy brought in by the foundation.

“We made a control purchase from the fraudsters and recorded everything, because it is important who took these drugs out of the hospital – an employee of the clinic or its manager.

It is important to understand how each scheme works in order to improve your security, product logistics and reporting from the receiving facility. In this way, we study all the holes in state systems that will have to be patched for a long time.”he says.

Dmytro added that his charitable foundation delivers medical drugs to 57 medical institutions in the most affected regions. The amount of assistance is more than 1.5 million dollars.

In 2023, they also began supplying medical equipment to 27 hospitals in Ukraine. These are portable ultrasound machines, defibrillators, syringe pumps, patient monitors and generators worth more than 14 million hryvnias.

“UP.Zhyttia” has sent a request to the cyber police, we are currently waiting for a response.

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