Actor Bykovich was removed from “White Lotus” after Ukrainian criticism

Actor Bykovich was removed from “White Lotus” after Ukrainian criticism

The American television company HBO terminated the contract with Serbian actor Milos Bykovic, who was supposed to play in the third season of the TV series “White Lotus”. This was learned by Deadline Hollywood.

According to the publication, Bykovych was cast in the episodic role of a Russian yogi and mentor in a Thai hotel. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine criticized the choice of HBO, published a video in X, in which scenes from the series and footage with Bykovych were edited. In particular, it is mentioned that the actor has Russian citizenship and the Pushkin medal, starred with Nikita Mikhalkov, and also spoke complimentary about Russia’s path and the annexation of Crimea.

“It’s normal that you work with a person who supports genocide and violates international law?” wrote the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, tagging HBO.

Bykovich called the role in “White Lotus” a great honor. “However, my participation is impossible for reasons beyond art, and I will not give in to any stories that try to jeopardize my principles,” he said.

According to Bykovych, the decisions made under the influence of the campaign launched against him “can create a disturbing precedent that casts a shadow on the essence of artistic freedom.”

In the last decade, Bykovich starred in many Russian films. He played in the films “Sunstroke”, “Ice”, “Challenge”, “Slave” and “Slave 2”.

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