An Australian billionaire named a new date for the completion of the construction of the Titanic replica

An Australian billionaire named a new date for the completion of the construction of the Titanic replica


Clive Palmer

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In Australia, billionaire Clive Palmer wants to build a replica the liner that sank in 1912 Titanic.

This is already his second attempt to bring “Titanic II” to life, informs The Guardian.

“The new liner should be much, much better than the original”the man said at the presentation of the project, calling the future copy of the Titanic a “ship of love” and “a model of style and luxury.”

During the presentation, he showed a five-minute video with a detailed 3D description of what the nine decks of Titanic II would look like.

3D rendering of Clive Palmer's planned Titanic II

3D visualization of Titanic II planned by Clive Palmer

“The world’s best designers in the field of cruise shipping” joined the work on the project, the billionaire said.

The ship will have a ballroom, swimming pool and Turkish bath, and the interior and layout of the cabins will be true to the original Titanic.

According to Palmer, he will be engaged in construction a British passenger and freight company Blue Star Line, but he still hasn’t found a shipyard – a company for building and repairing ships.

It is noted that 10 years ago, Clive Palmer already spoke about his intentions to build Titanic II.

During this time, the billionaire started a political career, in particular, he “revived” one of the political parties and became a federal deputy.

For the first time, work on “Titanic II” was suspended in 2015 after one of Palmer’s companies went bankrupt through the Chinese company Citic.

In 2018, the billionaire returned to the project to create a replica of the sunken liner and announced that it would be ready in 2022.

During the presentation of the project in 2024, he explained that the plan failed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that nothing will stand in the way of the project this time. During the first voyage, “Titanic II” will sail from Southampton in Great Britain to New York in the United States, the billionaire said.

The new flight date is scheduled for June 2027.

“Building the Titanic is much more fun than sitting at home and counting money”– Palmer said, adding that he will be 70 years old in March 2020.

According to his estimates, the 56,000-ton ship will cost from $500 million to $1 billion.

Earlier we reported that the US government through the court seeks to establish control over expeditions to the sunken Titanic.

We will remind, in June 2023 exploded submarine “Titan”, which was heading to the wreckage of the sunken “Titanic”. Five tourists were on board, all of them died.

The mother of a teenager who died with his father on the “Titan” statedwho gave way to her son at the last moment before going on an underwater trip.


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