Another proof. A teaser of a documentary about how Russia destroys the environment in Ukraine has been released

Another proof.  A teaser of a documentary about how Russia destroys the environment in Ukraine has been released

A teaser of the documentary is presented “Divya” – observation tapes about the impact of a full-scale invasion and Russian aggression on the environment of Ukraine.

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The team hopes that their work will become one more piece of evidence in the fight to hold Russia accountable for the full-scale aggression unleashed in Ukraine and the environmental damage it has caused.

The documentary will show on the screen a journey from the harmonious life of nature to the whirlwind of war, which burns the earth and all living things. Its heroes are people who are trying to measure the scale of this environmental damage, save animals and clear the earth of explosive objects: ecologists, sappers, body searchers and animal rights activists.

A frame from the movie “Divya”

In the teaser, we want to show the characters of the film, who help to clean the nature of Ukraine from the consequences of the actions of the occupiers and a full-scale invasion“, he said UP. Culture author of the idea and director of the film Dmytro Greshko.

A frame from the movie “Divya”

The operators of “Divia” are Dmytro Greshko and Volodymyr Usyk, the film also uses materials by Ruslan Belyaev (Dronarium) and Pavel Itkin.

Work on the tape began in the spring of 2022, after the liberation of Kyiv region from the Russians. Since that time, the Russian occupiers have committed new and new crimes against the ecology of Ukraine – so the material became more and more.

Filming. Photo: Divia/Facebook

After the de-occupation of Kharkiv Oblast in the fall of 2022, the team went there to film the damage caused by Russia.

When we started working on the film “Divya”, we had no idea that a tragedy would happen in Nova Kakhovka. When they found out about it, they immediately went to the scene of the events with cameraman Volodymyr Usyk to film the struggle of Ukrainians against the disaster. So the first teaser doesn’t have these shots yet, but now you can see them“, Greshko added.

The upcoming film is currently in post-production. Completion of production is planned for the end of 2024.

In addition to the support of many different foundations and organizations, the project of the film “Divya” became a prize-winner of the grant program Ukrainian Film Academy and Netflix. The Swedish film company also helps the authors of the tape with color correction Tint Postwhich is known for its Oscar-nominated films “Spy, get out!” and “Triangle of sadness”.

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