Archaeologists discovered the oldest Roman forum in Spain: photo

Archaeologists discovered the oldest Roman forum in Spain: photo

Archaeologists discovered the oldest Roman forum in Spain – a kind of “square” more than 2,000 years old on the territory of the port city.

Scientists from the Institute of Heritage and Humanities of the University of Zaragoza consider it the oldest of all that have been excavated in the depths of the Iberian Peninsula.

The excavations were carried out in the municipality of El Burgo de Ebro in northeastern Spain, reports Arkeonews.


Scientists have also found a significant number of Latin inscriptions on ceramics and other objects, indicating that the inhabitants of the ancient city wrote and spoke Latin.

Photo: University of Zaragoza/Arkeonews

The Forum is the most important part of the Roman city, where political and religious institutions were located.

This year, archaeologists focused on the central part of the square, which was framed by a portico and surrounded by a series of rooms that may have been used for trade.

The name of the ancient Roman city in which the found forum was located is still unknown.

Some scholars suggest that it could be Castra Aelia, a city that was once a military camp.


The Roman city that archaeologists are studying was planned in the form of a grid. It performed the function of “point of entry” and redistribution of goods transported by the river.

However, the city did not last long, scientists say. There is evidence that it was destroyed during the Sertorian War at the beginning of the 1st century BC.

“We are certain that only 6 or 7 decades after the construction of the city, it was destroyed, as evidenced by the levels of fires detected and the large amount of archaeological material left behind by its inhabitants.

We do not even rule out that we will find human remains.” – said the co-director of excavations, Unizar Borkha Dias.

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