Blue supermoon. Where and when can you see it?

Blue supermoon.  Where and when can you see it?

On the night of August 31, the inhabitants of the Earth can observe a special phenomenon – a full supermoon.

Along with it, on the last day of summer, you can also see the appearance of a very bright Saturn, reports Space.

People will observe a special phenomenon for the second time, because on August 1st the month of Sturgeons has risen. The peculiarity of this astrological phenomenon is that it is a combination of a supermoon and a blue moon.


In fact, the term “blue moon” has nothing to do with color. The supermoon is closer to the planet in its orbit, which gives it a brighter appearance.

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To observers on Earth, it will appear larger than usual. In fact, it will be only 7% larger. To the naked eye, this difference in size will probably not be noticeable. Although sometimes the moon can still have a blue tint.

How and where to see the Blue Supermoon

The moment of the full moon is determined when it is opposite the sun. According to NASA, for the Blue Moon, this 180-degree separation from the Sun will occur on August 31 at approximately 04:36 (Kyiv time), and that is when it will be at its largest and brightest. You can observe the Blue Moon with the naked eye, but you should use binoculars or a telescope to get a better look.

You can also watch the Blue Moon with a free live stream.

According to In the Sky, the next supermoon will take place on September 18, 2024. This will be the first of two supermoons next year, followed by a similar astronomical phenomenon on October 17, 2024.


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