Blueberries with a record weight were grown in Australia

Blueberries with a record weight were grown in Australia


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In the Australian state of South Wales, a new record was set – the heaviest blueberry in the world was grown there.

It is almost the size of a golf ball, writes The Guardian.

The berry, grown by Costa using traditional hand methods, weighs 20.4 grams and measures around 39 millimeters in diameter.

It was collected on November 13, 2023, but was officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records only in March of this year.

Agronomist Brad Hocking at Costa Blueberry Farm

Agronomist Brad Hocking at Costa Blueberry Farm

“When we put her on the scales, I was a little shocked. I knew she was big, but I had to weigh her twice to make sure.”said Brad Hocking, Head of Blueberry at Costa.

It is known that the record-breaking berry variety is Eterna. It was created as part of Costa’s blueberry improvement program. Every year, the company develops one or two new varieties of berries.

According to Brad Hocking, usually as the size of the fruit increases, their quality deteriorates, but the blueberry variety Eterna “solid and has a good shelf life“.

The record-breaking berry is not unusual for the Eterna variety, as about 20 berries of the same size were found during the harvest, Hocking added.

After setting the record, the blueberry was frozen – perhaps it will be covered in resin and hung on the wall, Hawking said.

It is noted that this blueberry berry is approximately 1.25 times the weight of the previous blueberry record holder, which weighed 16.2 grams with a diameter of 36.33 mm.

The previous two records were set by Ozblu from Western Australia in 2020 and 2018.

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