Booker Prize 2023 – winner

Booker Prize 2023 – winner

Bulgarian writer Giorgi Gospodinov won the 2023 Booker International Prize.

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According to the website of the award, he received the award for the novel “Time Shelter” (Time Shelter).

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 23, at London’s Sky Garden.

“Time Vault” became the first novel in Bulgarian to win the International Booker. Gospodinov’s book tells about a clinic that treats people with Alzheimer’s disease. In the clinic, each floor reproduces the decades lived by the patient in the smallest details, taking him back in time. However, the past soon begins to invade the present.

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Our winner “Time Vault” it is a brilliant novel full of irony and melancholy. This is a profound work that raises a very contemporary question: What happens to us when our memories disappear? Giorgi Gospodinov perfectly copes with both individual and collective destinies, and it is precisely this complex balance between the intimate and the universal that convinces and moves us“, said the head of the jury, Leila Slimani, about the winner’s book.

She added that “it is also a great novel about Europe, a continent in need of a future, where the past is reinterpreted and nostalgia is poison“.

It offers us a glimpse into the fate of countries like Bulgaria, which found themselves at the center of the ideological conflict between the West and the communist worldSlimani said. – It is a novel that provokes thought and vigilance as much as it moves, because its language – sensitive and precise – is able to capture, in a Proustian way, the extraordinary fragility of the past“.


Gospodinov will share the prize with translator Angela Rodel.

The translator Angela Rodel managed to brilliantly convey this style and language, rich in allusions and deeply freeSlimani said.

The International Booker Prize – one of the most prestigious book awards. It was created as an addendum to the Booker Prize in 2005 and was awarded every two years until 2015. It is now awarded annually for the best literary works translated into English.

The winner of the 2022 Booker Prize was the Indian writer Gitanjali Sri for the novel “Tomb of Sand” (Tomb of Sand).

This year, the Ukrainian writer Andriy Kurkov applied for the International Booker Prize 2023 with his novel “Jimi Hendrix’s Lviv tour”. He entered the long list of nominees along with 12 other authors.

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