Chaban, a Russian poet and a firefighter and three Ukrainian women: the BBC announced the women’s Top-100

Chaban, a Russian poet and a firefighter and three Ukrainian women: the BBC announced the women’s Top-100

The BBC has released its annual list “100 women”, which recognizes women from different countries who inspire and influence the world. This year, three Ukrainian women got into it: a writer, a literary critic, and a publicist Oksana Zabuzhko, adviser on climate policy Iryna Stavchuk and the founder of the “Voices of Children” charitable foundation Olena Rozvadovska.

The compilers of the list noted that Zabuzhko is the author of more than 20 literary works belonging to fiction, poetry and journalism: “She is considered one of the most outstanding writers, poets and intellectuals of Ukraine… Her books have been translated into 20 languages ​​and have been awarded numerous national and international awards, including the Central European Angelus Literary Award, the Taras Shevchenko National Award of Ukraine (for services in the humanitarian field) and the Order of the Legion of Honor of France“.

Stavchuk recently began collaborating with the European Climate Fund movement, in which she oversees Ukrainian programs aimed at developing environmentally friendly and climate change-resistant solutions for the country’s post-war recovery. She is also a co-founder of two well-known environmental public organizations: the Center for Environmental Initiatives “Ekodiya” and the “Association of Cyclists of Kyiv” (U-Cycle).

Rozvadovska started volunteering in the frontline areas of Donbass in 2015. She was part of the film crew of a documentary film about a children’s shelter in Lysychansk “House of Rocks”which made it to the list of nominees for Oscar 2023. Also, Olena and her team published a book “War with children’s voices”.

This year, unlike the previous year, not a single representative of the Ukrainian military was included in the list. But there is two Russian women: firefighter Sofia Kosachova and poet Daria Serenko.

Among such well-known names on this year’s list as an icon of feminism Gloria Steinemhuman rights defender Amal Clooneyformer First Lady of the United States Michelle Obamaa Hollywood actress America FerreraOlympic athlete Camilla Pirellithere are also the following: one of the last female shepherds of the Pamir tribe Wahi (Pakistan) Afroz-Numawho has been caring for goats, yaks and sheep for nearly three decades, is the inventor of a portable ultrasound patch for early detection of breast cancer Kanan Dagdevirena sign language performer Justina Mileswho became world famous after this year’s Super Bowl, is a fish seller from Ghana Esi Buobasathe organizer of PerifaCon (“Comic Con for the Favelas”) in the poor areas of São Paulo Andres Delgado, Buddhist nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

The BBC has again identified the most influential women of the year. Photo: BBC

About the “100 Women” project

The annual project “100 women” was established by the BBC in 2013. It is dedicated to hundreds of inspiring and influential women. Along with the list, the BBC publishes interviews, reports, and documentaries highlighting the work of women who made it to the list.

In previous years, the list included such famous women as the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marinan education activist Malala Yousafzaiactress and activist Jane Fondaclimate activist Greta Thunberg and many others.

Last year, eight Ukrainian women were included in the “100 Women-2022” list: the first lady Elena Zelenskaa paramedic Julia Paevska (Tyra), defender of the rights of people with disabilities Yulia Sachukhuman rights defender Oleksandr Matviychuka mathematician Maryna Vyazovskajournalist Kristina Berdynskyipediatrician Iryna Kondratovapolitician and volunteer Yana Zinkevich.

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