Chinese scientists have created the world’s first chimera monkey. PHOTO

Chinese scientists have created the world’s first chimera monkey.  PHOTO

A chimera monkey born with glowing fingertips and fluorescent green eyes has been created by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences as part of a world-first breakthrough in the field of stem cells.

A male long-tailed macaque is the first primate created from the stem cells of two embryos of the same species, reports The Telegraph.

The scientists took stem cells from a week-old macaque embryo, attached a green, glowing label to them, before injecting them into a five-day-old embryo of another macaque.

6 out of 12 animals were born alive.

Photo: Cell/PA Wire

One of the male monkeys born as a result of the cell fusion experiment turned out to be a “real chimera” – about two-thirds of its body consists of donor, bright green stem cells.

Photos of the animal show glowing eyes and yellow-green fingertips.

Green labels are also visible in the brain, kidneys, liver and gonads of the primate.

The presence of donor fluorescent green cells in the gonads suggests that the chimeric primate can transmit donor cells to its future offspring.

This work may help us create more accurate monkey models for studying neurological diseases as well as for other biomedical research“said the senior author of the study, Zheng Liu.

Scientists note that this breakthrough could also lead to the creation of animals with certain human traits, which would allow for better drug testing.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that American and British scientists for the first time in the world created artificial embryos that resemble embryos in the early stages of human development.

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