Denmark has more statues of mythical creatures and horses than women: this is promised to be fixed

Denmark has more statues of mythical creatures and horses than women: this is promised to be fixed

Illustrative photo, female sculpture in the Danish city of Helsinger


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Danish culture minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt said that there are fewer sculptures of women in Copenhagen than statues of mythical animals and horses.

But the politician wants to change this, so he initiates the creation of a committee that will propose new monuments dedicated to outstanding female figures in history, reports The Guardian.

“The numbers almost speak for themselves. Only 31 out of 321 busts and statues in the city are of women, and Copenhagen has more statues of mythical animals than women. It’s crazy.

Is that it? the example with which the next generation will grow up? Especially if you consider how many of the most important achievements in society belong to women”– he said.

Elephant statues in Copenhagen

Elephant statues in Copenhagen


According to the Danish government, only 31 of the 321 sculptures in Danish cities are of women. In particular, there are only such statues in Copenhagen five out of 101. Another 70 capital statues depict men, and 26 – animals.

The Minister of Culture promised to spend up to 50 million Danish kroner (7 million US dollars) to correct the “imbalance”.

The experts of the future commission will prepare proposals for candidates for honoring, as well as locations of sculptures. At the same time, Engel-Schmidt assured that the old sculptures will not be touched.

“I want to use my voice to honor the many women in Danish history,” – added the politician.

We will remind, last year In Lviv, a scandal broke out over the nude female sculpture “Confident” in Stryi Park: they tried to set it on fire and poured paint over it.

Before in Kyiv it was proposed to erect a monument to the shark that ate a Russian in Egypt.

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