Derzhkomteleradio approved the results of the Rylsky award

Derzhkomteleradio approved the results of the Rylsky award


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The State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine (State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting) approved the results of this year’s Maksym Rylsky Prize by signing the commission’s protocol. First Deputy Chairman of the State Television and Radio Committee Bohdan Chervak explained that no reason was found for their cancellation.

Suspilne Kultura told about the fact that Derzhkomteleradio did not find formal and legal reasons to cancel the results of the Rylskyi Chervak ​​award.

He noted that the committee was forced to react to the debate about the winner. In particular, on the words of a Ukrainian scientist and translator Maksym Strikha that the second laureate of the award Andrew Sheppard is a translator from Russian and editor of the East-West Review (Great Britain-Russia Society) magazine.

Chervak ​​stated that Derzhkomteleradio found out that Sheppard has nothing to do with Russia, it is “Ukrainian patriot does a lot to popularize Ukraine, travels around the world, popularizes these children’s stories, which have been translated into English.”

At the same time, Chervak ​​did not in any way comment on the accusations from the translation community that the award winner Dmytro Drozdovskyi, who had previously been repeatedly accused of plagiarism, allegedly used Google Translate in his translation of the collection “Irpin – My Home”.

At first glance, it is obvious: people who know English well are not involved in the creation of this translation, because there is a full bingo of mistakes by non-native speakers, from a very strange choice of inappropriate synonyms to a very unnatural order of words in a sentence and so on“, the literary critic wrote then Yaroslav Strykh.

Despite this, the committee signed the protocol of the commission. Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers must now determine the winners by its resolution.

Maksym Rylsky Prize – Ukrainian annual literary award.

It is awarded to writers and poets in two nominations: for the translation into Ukrainian of the works of prominent foreign authors, as well as for the translation of the works of Ukrainian classics and modern authors into the languages ​​of the nations of the world.

The prize money is 20,000 hryvnias.


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