Found in a pit with dead animals: how a military man saved a sheep Prima from Donetsk region

Found in a pit with dead animals: how a military man saved a sheep Prima from Donetsk region

Animal rights activists shared the touching story of the sheep Prima, which miraculously survived the shelling in Donetsk region, and then gave birth to a cub, Vuglynka.

The UAnimals organization took these sheep back in August of last year at the request of the military Maxim, who saved Prima after the Russian shelling of the farm.

The sheep got out of the farm in Yampol through a hole in the shelled fence. A few dozen sheep that managed to escape from the farm suffered from packs of hungry dogs, cold and shelling.

Prima fell into a large pit where other dead animals lay. How long she stayed there is unknown.

All photos courtesy of UAnimals

“She was very frail when the military found her. He took Prima to the base, and a week later Prima made a surprise gave birth to a lamb Uglynka”– animal rights activists recalled.

It turned out that the soldier saved not one, but two lives.

Prima and Vuglinka were rescued by the military in Donetsk region

Currently, the sheep are being cared for in the “Green Forest” rehabilitation center. A veterinarian worked with them for a month, because they had many skin diseases.

“Now Prima and Uglynka are treated, vaccinated and well fed. Military Maxim wants to take Uglynka and Prima to live with him in the village when he returns from the front.

He says he doesn’t see them as food, only as friends.” – animal rights activists add.

After long-term treatment, the sheep feel well

It will be recalled that earlier the Scottish zoo sheltered a bear from Yampol in Donetsk region, which was also rescued by the Ukrainian military.

And the Kyiv Zoo became a new home for four servals evacuated from Kurakhovo in Donetsk region.

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