Free childbirth: what services are provided by the state for free

Free childbirth: what services are provided by the state for free

There are 306 hospitals and maternity homes in Ukraine that have signed contracts with the National Health Service for the provision of the “Medical assistance during childbirth” service, so they are free of charge.

The Ministry of Health answered frequently asked questions about state-guaranteed medical care for women in labor.

According to the Ministry of Health, a pregnant woman has the right to freely choose a maternity hospital among those that have signed a contract with the National Health Service for medical assistance during childbirth.


There is no need to pay for the medical assistance service during childbirth, because everything necessary – medicines, medical products, necessary manipulations – is included in the free package of services.

The ministry notes that a woman in labor can choose a maternity hospital and not a doctor with whom to give birth. The medical guarantee program covers childbirth with an on-call obstetric team.

The list of services under the Medical Guarantee Program includes, in particular:

medical assistance during childbirth with an obstetric team on duty;

partner childbirth;

management of uncomplicated and complicated births;


performing an urgent or scheduled caesarean section;

monitoring of the condition of the mother and child;

reduction of pain sensation, in particular, epidural analgesia;

anesthetic support;

laboratory and instrumental research 24/7;

consultation by doctors of other specialties;

post-contact ART prophylaxis for children born to HIV-positive mothers;

pulse oximetry screening of critical congenital heart defects, assessment of hearing in newborns;

vaccination for a newborn child;

counseling women on breastfeeding and postpartum contraception;

provision of psychological support;

nutrition in hospital conditions.

The ministry adds that in case of pregnancy complications, the pregnant woman is hospitalized in the gynecological department, in the pregnancy pathology department of the maternity hospital or in a specialized obstetric hospital for further treatment.

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