How to inform relatives about pregnancy. 9 original ideas

How to inform relatives about pregnancy.  9 original ideas


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Expecting a child is a new and important stage in the life of future parents. It is worth preparing for the announcement of pregnancy in order to leave even more pleasant impressions and memories from the news with relatives.

UP Life gathered ideas, how It is interesting to announce the pregnancyin the social networks of expectant mothers.

1. Message in the gift box

In order to tell about the pregnancyYou can prepare or buy a gift box and put a baby bodysuit or a romper in it and cover it with gift paper.

After that present husband or parents and ask to look there. You can also hide the box in the apartment so that relatives can find it themselves.

2. A message in a chocolate egg

You can use the idea put a piece of paper with pregnancy notification in a chocolate egg. First, you need to divide it into two halves and replace the toy with a corresponding note. After that, fasten them and wrap them in the original wrapper. Later, invite relatives to open the egg.

3. The message inside the balloon

In addition, you can put a note with the inscription “soon”. you will become a grandfather and grandmother”or “soon you’re going to be a dad” into a balloon. You can put the ball in a gift box together with a pin and write “Lie me” on it. Or buy special a ball with a ready-made inscription and a child’s attribute inside.

4. Ask for help from a “third party”

If you plan make a surprise to the relatives about the pregnancy over dinner in a restaurant or cafe, you can attract to the waiter process. For example, ask him to inform you that another guest will join you soon, but he is late.

After that, give it to your husband envelopewhere there will be a note with news.

Also, one of the users of social networks used the idea ask help from the policeman. By agreement with the expectant mother, he stopped the couple’s car on the road. After checking, the policeman asked the father-to-be why there was no child seat inside. When he was indignant that there was no child in the salon, the woman showed him a pregnancy test.

You should not abuse this method and unnecessarily distract the police, but you can come up with a similar idea.

5. Video notification about pregnancy

Another way with a hint say husband and parents about pregnancy write down video or take a photo with children’s attributes.

On them you can show a test with a positive result, a children’s bodysuit or shoes.

6. Baking with a message about pregnancy

To make the notification more unexpected, you can bake or order prediction cookies for your loved ones. To do this, you need to print or write a message about your pregnancy on a piece of paper and insert it into the dough before baking. Later, ask your husband or parents to break the cookies.

Or you can order a cake with the inscription “we will have a baby”, leave it on the table and wait for the man to enter the room.

7. Tell on behalf of the future child

In order to make a surprise, it is also possible use baby clothes, toys and balls.

You can also order a children’s bodysuit with the inscription “waiting to meet you, dad” or “hello, dad”. Only worth it to spread attributes on the bed and next to leave a pregnancy test.

8. Surprise about pregnancy at a family holiday

In order to tell about the expectations of the child, you can wait or organize a family celebration. In the middle of a party or a feast, unexpectedly get and to show family ultrasound image. In this way, it will be possible to notify all the closest relatives about the pregnancy at once.

9. Photo ads for the family

You can also tell the news during a joint family photo session. When you stand behind the phone camera and all will prepare to the picture, instead of an appeal to smile, you can say about pregnancy. At the same time, there will be an opportunity to record the reaction of relatives on video.

You can also discreetly get a pregnancy test before taking a picture, ultrasound image or unfold a piece of paper with written news. After you are photographed together with everyone, show the photo to your relatives and wait for their reaction.

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