How to pass a theoretical driving test on self-training. Instruction

How to pass a theoretical driving test on self-training.  Instruction

According to the innovations, from October 29, 2023, Ukrainians will be allowed to prepare for theoretical exams for obtaining a driver’s license independently and pass them without first taking a course at a driving school.

For future drivers, this service has become available at service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs since November 10, after the Cabinet of Ministers approved a number of resolutions.

How is the procedure? What documents do you need to bring with you to the exam? How much does it cost?

“UP.Zhyttia” spoke with Yevgenia Koroleva, who has already passed the self-training exam, and instructor Oleksandr Zerschykov, and also contacted the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for details.

How to pass a theoretical driving test without a driving school

Yevgenia Koroleva started studying traffic rules on her own a year before passing the exam.

The woman says that at first she did not think about completely independent training, because six months ago there was no such possibility.

At first, Evgenia decided to learn the rules of the road on her own, so that she could go to a driving school with a basic level.

“I had no idea that the legislative framework would change and there would be such an opportunity. I just wanted to get a license, but I didn’t know any rules at all, because no one in my family drives a car. That’s why it was scary to go to a driving school with such zero knowledge.” – shares the future driver.

Subsequently, the woman decided to wait for the service to be available and take the exam after independent preparation.

“I started learning the rules last winter, this process was long: I passed tests, practiced online, asked friends and acquaintances for explanations.

When she saw that it was possible to submit it on her own, she first made a medical certificate. Even in order to formulate a theory, it is needed.” – says Yevgenia.

Before visiting the service center, the woman took a coupon through an electronic record. According to her, there were enough coupons, you could take them “today for tomorrow”.

I went to the service center with the coupon, certificate, passport and a copy of the identification code.” – adds Yevheniya Koroleva.

Despite the fact that the future driver had an appointment for a certain time, she had to wait her turn.

“You should understand that it takes more time. Before taking the exam, I paid for this service in advance, about 34 hryvnias [з 1 січня 2024 року ціни змінилися, іспит коштує 250 грн – ред.] With the checks, she went to the desk where the documents are checked and signed the necessary papers.

What is interesting, in these papers you can check whether you agree to posthumous donationand this will be indicated on the driver’s license.” – the woman shares.

After checking and signing the documents, a group of 15 people entered the classroom where the exam itself took place. Evgenia was shown which computer to sit down at and informed about the start of assembly.

How to sign up for a theoretical self-training exam

If you are already confident in your abilities and have mastered the rules of the road, then you need to get an exam registration slip via e-record or the MIA service center terminal.

To sign up for the electronic queue, you need to log in on the website and choose a convenient date and time within two weeks.

You can also get a coupon at service center terminals. They are mostly located right next to the entrance.

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As Yevgenia Koroleva said, during a visit to the service center to take the test, the future driver needs to inform the administrator who will accept the documents that he has mastered the theoretical training material for the relevant category of vehicle on his own.

Indicate this when receiving the coupon do not need.

What documents are required to pass the exam

At the request of “UP.Zhyttia”, the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told about the list of documents that are required to pass the theoretical exam on traffic control by self-training: Passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a note on the place of registration or ID card or passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad (provided together with a certificate of residence). If you don’t have a passport, the following will also work:

  • Permanent residence permit,
  • Temporary residence permit,
  • Refugee ID card,
  • Identity card that requires additional protection,
  • Identity card of a person granted temporary protection (if the specified documents do not contain information about the declared or registered place of residence (stay) on the territory of Ukraine – a certificate of registration of an internally displaced person, which indicates the actual place of residence (for internally displaced persons);
  • Extract from the register of the territorial community about the declared or registered place of residence (stay).
  • Medical certificate (form 083/o), which confirms admission to drive a vehicle of the selected category;

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to obtain a medical certificate, you need to see a therapist, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a surgeon, an otolaryngologist, and a gynecologist (for women).

Also, to obtain form 083/o, you will need: blood test to determine the group and Rh factor, general blood test, general urine test, blood glucose test, ECG, biochemical blood test (HGT), examination of the vestibular apparatus and examination of visual acuity.

  • ID number or its copy;
  • Current driver’s license (in case of obtaining the right to drive vehicles of another category).

How to pass a theoretical driving test

Before taking the exams, an employee of the territorial service center

The Ministry of Internal Affairs checks your data and documents, provides data for payment and admission to the exam.

From January 1, 2024, the cost of passing the theoretical exam in Ukraine has increased. Now it costs 250 hryvnias to compile it.

To pass the theoretical exam, you need to answer 20 questions in 20 minutes. During the test, 2 mistakes are allowed, if more – the exam is not passed.

The next attempt will be possible no earlier than in 10 days, but there are no restrictions on the number of attempts.

Questions are distributed according to the following principle:

  • 10 – about traffic rules;
  • 4 – from the basics of traffic safety;
  • 4 – about the construction and operation of the vehicle of the corresponding category;
  • 2 – on the provision of first aid.

If an air raid warning is announced during the exam, the exam is stopped and all participants must take shelter or a safe place.

The ticket is canceled in the event of an air alert. The service center can determine another time for the candidate to take the exam on the same day or the next day. Also, a person can take a ticket for the next day without waiting 10 days.

How to prepare for the theoretical exam on your own

To begin with, you need to determine whether you are ready to learn the rules of the road on your own, or whether it is easier for you to learn when someone explains.

All traffic rules are set out in this law. However, the wording there is not always clear. According to the advice of the instructor Oleksandr Zerschykov, you can study it yourself, and if there are unclear topics, then ask for help from teachers or lessons in public access.

“You need to make a plan, what you need to know in general. You can search for videos, take online courses, go to individual lessons with a tutor or talk to someone who recently received a driver’s license.

There is also an official website “Traffic Road Tests”. You can train your knowledge on that site. But it is important not to memorize them, because they can change in a month, but to try to understand them. If you’re wrong about intersections, you should go and listen to a lecture about crossing intersections,” Oleksandr Zerschikov shares.

The test on the official website of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reflects all the questions that will be on the theoretical exam.

On January 15, the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs updated the test questions in the examination tickets.

The changes concern, in particular, mechanical vehicles, which outside populated areas must turn on daytime running lights, the transportation of children in cars and other changes that were taken into account in the test questions, note in SC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition to traffic rules, it is important to learn safety rules (for example, how to drive in different weather conditions), the basic structure of a car, legal issues in case of an accident or a police stop.

Future drivers should understand that they are primarily preparing not for passing the exam as such, but for responsible driving.

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