How to register in the electronic queue for the VLK training: the Ministry of Defense explains

How to register in the electronic queue for the VLK training: the Ministry of Defense explains

Military personnel can sign up for a military medical examination online.

The head of the medical service of a military unit can put a soldier on the electronic queue, the Ministry of Defense reports.

The electronic queue at the VLK is already available to all servicemen in military polyclinicsthe department wrote.

In order to put a serviceman in the electronic queue:

  • the head of the medical service must contact the health care institution in the area of ​​which the unit is under control and receive instructions from the polyclinic for further registration;
  • after that, a personal electronic office will be created for the head of the medical service, through which he will be able to register servicemen for medical appointments and appointments with a doctor.
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The Ministry of Defense adds that based on records and passing the military medical commission, doctors analyze data on the workload and shortage of specialists.

If necessary, doctors will look for additional specialized specialists both among mobilized doctors and among civilian specialists.

“One of the main advantages (of the electronic queue – ed.) is that for the military there is no need to come to the clinic at 8 in the morning and wait all day for an appointment with a doctor.”– the department notes.

During the last month, almost half of the patients of military polyclinics have signed up for VLC in advance, the Ministry of Defense says.

According to the ministry, the most active use of eChurga is in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Vinnytsia.

Earlier we reported that there will be more military medical commissions in Ukraine.

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