How to use sunscreen – advice from a dermatologist

How to use sunscreen – advice from a dermatologist


How to use sunscreen – advice from a dermatologist


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Sun protection is one of the main trends in skin care. It protects it from pigmentation and premature photoaging.

Dermatologist Anastasia Melnyk told “UP. Life” how and when to use such means.

According to her, the world’s dermatologists do not have a single view on how often you should use sunscreen.

“For example, the American Association of Dermatologists recommends applying them all the time. Whereas the Australian Association says to use sunscreen only when the UV index is 2 and above. It’s worth noting that Australia has a very big problem with cancer, so they are very interested in correct skin care” – said the doctor.

In the conditions of our climate, Anastasia advises to apply sunscreen to a minimum from April to October. However, if there is a tendency to pigmentation or rosacea, then the whole year.

“In winter in Ukraine, the UV index is almost always low – 0-1. Moreover, in our cold climate, very few people are constantly under the open sun.

If, for example, you are going to the mountains for the day, it is better to apply sunscreen. If we talk about the conditions of standard work, when you leave the house at 8 in the morning in the winter, and come back at five, when there is no light, then this is absolutely not justified.” – remarked the dermatologist.

However, she emphasizes that sun protection is simply necessary in the summer. Whether it needs to be renewed during the day depends on the filter included in it.

“Now there are a lot of products with chemical filters that last 6-8 hours and in city conditions you can not renew them – only on a sea vacation or in the sun all the time. Chemical filters are fixed where they are applied. You just need to let them dry well – 10-15 minutes before leaving.” – says Anastasia Melnyk.

Sunscreens on physical filters, on the contrary, need to be renewed constantly, because they wear off mechanically. Especially if a person actively sweats, because of which he has to wipe his face.

The dermatologist notes that the correct application of the product is no less important. For this there is a rule of “two fingers”.

“You need the amount of product that fits on two fingers. However, it is worth remembering that it should be applied not only to the face, but also to the neck, ears and part of the décolleté. If “two fingers” are applied only to the face will be a sticky layer that will not be able to be fixed and will roll off.” – emphasizes the doctor.

According to her, it is better to avoid the eyelids and the area around the eyes when applying or use special products. Chemical filters, for example, in such situations can cause an allergic reaction or irritation.

Therefore, the expert notes that in the summer, sunglasses remain the main protection for the eyes from the sun.


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