Ice journey. Polar explorers told 5 interesting facts about Antarctic tourism

Ice journey.  Polar explorers told 5 interesting facts about Antarctic tourism

Currently, the topic of tourism is not very relevant for Ukrainians because of the war. In particular, this applies to trips to Antarctica. However, the National Antarctic Science Center decided to remind that it is necessary to make plans for peacetime as well. Polarists have collected the top 5 facts about Antarctic tourism that will be useful even to experienced travelers. Not all areas of Antarctica are open to tourists Photo: National Antarctic Science Center ✅ More than 72,000 people visited Antarctica in the 2022-2023 season. But not all tourists respect nature and follow the rules of visiting. People, for example, interfere with the penguins’ nesting with camera flashes or trample the grass. Therefore, the countries that are parties to the Antarctic Treaty periodically jointly identify the most vulnerable regions. Only scientists can get into them to do research. In the Antarctic, the seasons are reversed ✅ Since Ukraine is in the Northern Hemisphere, and Antarctica is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite. Antarctic winter lasts from June to August, and summer from December to February. Sea cruises are the most popular type of tourism ✅ Even before the pandemic, sea cruises were the most popular type of tourism. At that time, Akademik Vernadsky station received up to 4,000 guests. Usually travelers get here on large ships or small yachts. From Ukraine to the Antarctic – only a week ✅ The journey from Ukraine to the Antarctic takes about a week. Currently, the fastest route looks like this: by land transport to Poland, then by plane to Chile – the port of Punta Arenas, or Argentina – the port of Usvaya. After that, it is necessary to go by sea transport, which should be used to cross the stormy Drake Passage and go to the South Shetland Islands. Tourism to the Antarctic is quite expensive ✅ In 1991, the International Association of Antarctic Tourist Operators was created. This was due to the growing demand for tourism. Today, the union includes about 100 companies that organize travel. Due to complex logistics, port fees, and increased security requirements, the tour costs an average of about $10,000. Previously, polar explorers told 10 interesting facts about Antarctica. Read also: Mini-bungalow from parts of the emergency base: polar explorers showed how Antarctic penguins build nests. PHOTO

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