In Antarctica, a new plant was noticed near “Akademik Vernadsky” – photo

In Antarctica, a new plant was noticed near “Akademik Vernadsky” – photo


Liverwort marchantia south

National Antarctic Center

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Ukrainian scientists near the Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadskyi” noticed a new plant that did not grow there before – Marchantia berteroana.

This could be further evidence that West Antarctica is experiencing warming, consider at the National Antarctic Science Center.

The liverwort was found in the northeastern part of Darbu Island during a seasonal expedition. It was discovered by Ivan Parnikosa, who heads the Department of Biology and Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences.

While looking for known types of plants, Parnikosa unexpectedly came across a new, previously unknown, green oasis. Its dimensions were impressive. Scientists are convinced that the British researchers who thoroughly studied rare species of mosses and described the flora in detail of this area in 1980scould not fail to notice her.

“We have the fact of the penetration of a new species of plant in the vicinity of “Vernadskyi”. Later, Ukrainian biologists also found this liverwort on the island of But – the northernmost in our area of ​​the Argentine islands – the Kyiv peninsula”, – the message says.

Researchers note: the appearance of a new plant can be another confirmation of warming in the region, because the liverwort “loves heat”. So, probably, the environmental conditions became more favorable for her.

On the territory of Ukraine, you can meet a “relative” of the southern Marchantia – variable Marchantia (Marchantia polymorpha). However, it is not yet known whether it grows in Antarctica.

We will remind Ukrainian polar explorers showed summer night in the Antarctic.


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