In Australia, twins got pregnant at the same time and gave birth to babies on the same day. PHOTO

In Australia, twins got pregnant at the same time and gave birth to babies on the same day.  PHOTO

In Australia, twin sisters Nicole and Renee Bailey gave birth to children on the same day with a difference of 22 minutes.

The birth took place at a hospital on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, according to ABC News and Sunshine Coast News.

Nicole became the mother of a boy named Zavian, and Renee gave birth to a daughter, Ruby.

The little cousins ​​share the same birthday as well as very similar DNA.

Nicole and Renee Bailey gave birth in the same hospital and on the same day

Identical twins Nicole and Renee have not become mothers for the first time. Two years ago, they gave birth to their first daughters with a difference of 6 months.

Last year, the sisters again learned about additions to their families: they became pregnant by their husbands at the same time. This time, doctors predicted women would give birth with a difference of two weeks, but everything turned out differently.

First, seizures began with Nicole. Renee went to her sister’s house to look after her daughter. But then the waters receded in René as well.

“We were all laughing. We just couldn’t believe it.”the woman recalls.

Photo: Sunshine Coast News

Nicole’s husband, Tom, took her to University Hospital around 2 a.m. Renee decided not to go yet and went to sleep.

Soon the seizures intensified, so Renee called her husband, Julius. The woman did not even pack her hospital bag and was afraid that she would give birth in the car.

The delivery was so quick that the daughter was born even before Rene had time to reach the ward. At this time, her sister was still preparing for the baby’s arrival.

“I gave birth in 22 minutes in the bathtub, in peace and comfort,” – said Nicole.

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Happy daddies Tom and Julius. Photo by ABC Sunshine Coast/Jessica Ross

Newborn Zavian and Ruby, surprisingly, are already very similar to each other. Even the weight of the babies is almost identical – the difference is only 200 grams.

Now both families are waiting to take their children home. A boy and a girl will grow up together, just like their mothers.

“It’s such a blessing…We’ve always had someone to just be around,” – Renee told reporters.

We will remind, earlier in Uganda, a seventy-year-old woman gave birth to twins, and in Rivne, a 44-year-old woman became the mother of her seventeenth child.

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