In Britain, a dog with six legs had its extra limbs amputated. PHOTO

In Britain, a dog with six legs had its extra limbs amputated.  PHOTO

In Great Britain, a six-legged spaniel dog, which was found abandoned in a parking lot, underwent surgery to remove extra limbs. Money was collected all over the world.

The puppy was discovered in Pembroke town center last September. It had numerous birth defects. The charity organization Greenacres Rescue took him into care, and she also announced a collection on the network for his rescue, writes the Telegraph.

The dog was named Ariel after the Little Mermaid character, as her partially fused extra hind legs resembled the mythical character’s tail.

The vitally important operation was successful – the surgeons of the veterinary clinic managed to save all four “working” limbs of the dog.

Veterinary clinic surgeons managed to save all four “working” limbs of the dog

According to veterinarians, due to the presence of two hip joints on one side, Ariel’s pelvis never formed properly. Because of this, her normal back leg had almost no muscle tone and there was a possibility that it would also have to be amputated.

The founder of Greenacres Rescue, Mikey Lawlor, noted that in addition to two extra hind legs, Ariel was also found to have other abnormalities.

The vet who initially examined Ariel noted that she also had an extra vulva“, said the man.

Computed tomography showed that Ariel has only one kidney. This greatly complicated the treatment.

Mikey Lawlor says Ariel will be placed with a foster family in west Wales after she is discharged.

PHOTO: Greenacres Rescue

After she goes through a few weeks of physical therapy, we will see if we can find her a forever home. We’ve had an incredible response to Ariel’s story so far, with calls and emails from as far away as New York and Australia, so I have no doubt that the dog will not be alone“, he added.

Polydactyly is a congenital genetic anomaly characterized by the presence of “extra” limbs or fingers on a hand or foot. It is believed to be an inherited abnormality in dogs that is passed down from generation to generation.

Polydactyly is caused by a gene mutation that affects limb development during embryonic growth. Various genetic factors may contribute to this condition, and researchers are still studying the mechanisms underlying this pathology.

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