In Britain, the boss called a pregnant employee a whiner: she sued and won the case

In Britain, the boss called a pregnant employee a whiner: she sued and won the case


In Britain, the boss called a pregnant employee a crybaby – the court recognized this as discrimination


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In Great Britain, a woman won a case about discrimination in the workplace. When she was pregnant, the boss called her “very emotional and tearful.”

The woman will be compensated, informs The Guardian.

Nicola Hinds from Yorkshire, England, worked for an outsourcing company. In April 2020, the woman found out about her pregnancy and informed her management about it.

However, in October, Hinds wrote to her boss that she was unable to cope with the workload. This came after two panic attacks in a week.

The Head of Guides, Nav Kalli, chose not to respond to her, instead writing an email to his colleague. In it, he noted that the woman “became very emotional and particularly tearful,” and added that she should go on unpaid leave.

An interview was held in June 2021 to discuss Hinds’ needs after returning from maternity leave. And already in September 2021, the woman resigned from her job.

Nicola Hinds

Nicola Hinds

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Judge Roger Tynan said that Chief Hinds had created a stereotype of her as an “emotional, pregnant woman under the influence of hormones” and that “in the circumstances his description was derogatory and degrading”.

“The conclusion was that she was not fully in control of her emotions due to the pregnancy and that as a result she was making unreasonable demands.

We believe that the lack of risk assessment, as well as Culley’s inaction in October 2020, were significant factors in Hinds’ decision to resign.” said the judge.

According to Nicola Hinds herself, she wants her act to become an example for all expectant and young mothers who face discrimination.

“After 12 years of hard and dedicated work, I ended my career a broken woman, stripped of all my confidence.” – emphasized the woman.

We will remind, the US court decidedthat Google must pay its employee over $1 million due to gender bias.


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