In Italy, doctors discovered a pregnancy in a transgender man who was preparing for an operation to remove the uterus

In Italy, doctors discovered a pregnancy in a transgender man who was preparing for an operation to remove the uterus

Doctors discovered that an Italian transgender, who was in the process of changing sex, is in the fifth month of pregnancy. Marko had already undergone a mastectomy and was preparing for a hysterectomy, a gynecological operation to remove the uterus.

It is believed that this is the first such case in Italy, writes The Telegraph.

Hormonal therapy blocks the menstrual cycle, but is not a contraceptive. A person may ovulate and, as a result, there is a risk of pregnancy.

Experts in such cases usually recommend birth control pills that can be taken during therapy“, Dr. Senofonte explained to the newspaper La Repubblica.

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This unexpected discovery raised concerns about whether the gender reassignment procedures that Marco underwent before learning of the pregnancy had affected the health of the fetus.

After detecting pregnancy, the first thing to do is to immediately stop hormone therapy. If the therapy is not stopped immediately, there may be consequences, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, which is an important period for the development of the child’s organs“, says Julia Senofonte, an endocrinologist and expert in gender therapy.

Doctors are also concerned that hormone therapy has already begun to work. This is noticeable in Mark’s appearance: he has begun to grow body hair and a beard.

Experts also believe that high levels of male and female hormones in the human body can cause cardiac risk, increasing the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes, although conclusive research on this topic is lacking.

Doctors hope that Marko will survive the pregnancy and give birth to a child.

He will become the child’s biological mother, but will be legally registered as her father.

By the way, transgender men who bear babies are called “seahorse daddies”, because in this species of fish it is the male who bears and gives birth to the young.

According to Italian law, abortion after 90 days is allowed only if the pregnancy seriously threatens the health of the mother or there are serious problems with the fetus.

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