In South Korea, they want to completely ban eating dog meat by 2027

In South Korea, they want to completely ban eating dog meat by 2027

South Korean authorities are planning to ban the consumption of dog meat in the country.

The corresponding bill should be adopted this year, reports The Washington Post.

According to the document, within three years, dog farms, slaughterhouses, retail outlets and restaurants that serve dog meat should be eliminated.

If the draft law is passed before the end of the year, the ban on dog meat will enter into force in 2027.


“We plan to pass a special law banning dog meat during this year to solve this problem as soon as possible.

We will give our full support to farmers, butchers and other businesses that are at risk of closure or reclassification due to this law.”said the deputy of the ruling party in the government The power of the people Yui Ei-dong.

The head of the Korean Association of Dog Meat Producers, Joo En-bong, spoke against the relevant bill, calling the government’s proposal unsustainable.

“Changing this job is like changing your whole life, because I and the same farmers have been doing it since the 60s or 70s.” – he said.

According to him, the voices of farmers and other interested parties were ignored in the discussion about the dog meat ban.

It is noted that eating dog meat in the country is not prohibited, but at the same time it is not legal.

The centuries-old practice was planned to be stopped a long time ago, but the political will was always lacking.

Young people, as well as international human rights defenders, are increasingly speaking out against eating dogs.

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