In the Council, it was proposed to increase the assistance at the birth of a child – a draft law

In the Council, it was proposed to increase the assistance at the birth of a child – a draft law

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The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law, which provides for an increase in the amount of child birth allowance from 41,280 hryvnias to more than 384,000 hryvnias.

About this it is said in the explanatory note of the corresponding draft law No. 11072 dated March 11.

Deputies propose to tie the calculation of child birth allowance to the size of the subsistence minimum established on the day of the child’s birth.

If the draft law is adopted, the state must provide assistance for the first child in an amount multiple of 150 times the subsistence minimum – as of March 2024, this is 384.5 thousand hryvnias.

The amount of assistance for the second child is proposed to be set at a multiple of 100 subsistence minimums – 256.3 thousand hryvnias. For the third and each subsequent child – in an amount that is a multiple of 50 subsistence minimums – that is, 128.2 thousand hryvnias each.

The one-time amount of payments, according to the proposal of the deputies, should be equal to 20 amounts of the subsistence minimum – currently it is 51.3 thousand hryvnias.

In the future, payments must be made over three years.

Living wage from the beginning of 2024 makes up:

  • UAH 3,023 – for able-bodied persons;

  • UAH 2,563 – for children under the age of six;

  • UAH 3,196 – for children from six to eighteen years old;

  • UAH 2,361 – for persons who have lost their ability to work.

“During the last years, Ukraine has seen a decrease in the birth rate. In general, over the last ten years, the birth rate in Ukraine has decreased by 40%.

The reason for the decrease in the birth rate is many factors, but one of the main ones remains the low level of assistance at the birth of a child, as well as military actions on the territory of Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the terrorist country Russia.– noted the deputies in the explanatory note to the draft law.

We used to reported60% of children in Ukraine feel safe.

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