In the Lviv region, a man humiliated and intimidated his ex-wife and ex-wife: he was sent to prison

In the Lviv region, a man humiliated and intimidated his ex-wife and ex-wife: he was sent to prison

In the Stryi district of Lviv region, the court sentenced a 40-year-old man who humiliated and intimidated his ex-wife and her mother to 2 years.

The accused was found guilty of domestic violence, the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office reports.

According to law enforcement officers, the man lived with his ex-wife and her mother in one of the villages of the district.

“The man was unemployed, often abused alcohol and systematically committed domestic violence against women. He caused conflicts for no reason, insulted and humiliated the victims, intimidated and threatened them with physical violence.” – the prosecutor’s office informs.

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It is noted there that the district court first issued the defendant with a restraining order for six months, according to which he was forbidden to communicate with, approach and be near the former mother-in-law.

Despite this, the man continued to come to her apartment to humiliate, intimidate and verbally abuse her, law enforcement officers add.

Later, he started living in the victim’s house again.

The man was tried under the article on domestic violence and willful failure to comply with a restraining order of the court (Article 126-1, Article 390-1 of the Criminal Code).

The court sentenced him to two years of imprisonment.

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Where to turn in case of domestic violence?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the first and easiest step to a new life may be to call the National Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Gender Discrimination Hotline – 116 123.

The call is free, anonymous and confidential.

You can also contact the government hotline for victims of domestic violence – 15 47or a chatbot in Telegram from the Ministry of Internal Affairs – @police_helpbot

You can also apply for help through the “Break the Circle” website by clicking on the “Help” button in the upper right corner.

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