In the Rivne region, a woman gave birth to her 11th child in her own car

In the Rivne region, a woman gave birth to her 11th child in her own car

In the Varas district of the Rivne region, a 40-year-old mother gave birth to her 11th child in the passenger compartment of her own car.

The woman had seizures at night, but she and her husband did not have time to get to the hospital, the Rivne Regional Emergency Medical Center reports.

According to doctors, the woman called the emergency room on January 13 at 3:34 a.m. and reported that she was in rapid labor.

Together with her husband, the woman in labor went to the hospital in the village of Zarichne, but they did not have time to reach the medical facility – the mother of many children gave birth in the car on the way.

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It is noted that the woman gave birth to a daughter, this is her 11th child.

Paramedics went to meet the couple. Doctors “intercepted” the young parents on the way to the hospital.

“The team immediately examined the patient, cut the umbilical cord. The woman in labor felt well. The hemodynamic parameters were within the normal range. The patient did not express any complaints.” – the center reports.

After that, the patient and her daughter were hospitalized in the maternity ward of the Zarichnenskaya multidisciplinary hospital.

It is known that 9 brothers and 1 sister are waiting for the newborn at home.

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