in which countries it will be possible to take the test

in which countries it will be possible to take the test


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Ukrainian graduates who have moved abroad will be able to take the national multi-subject test in 32 countries.

About this reported in the Ministry of Education and Science, temporary examination centers (TEC) will be created in 57 cities abroad, where Ukrainian-speaking teachers will work with the participants.

You can take the test outside of Ukraine at:

  • Austria,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Belgium,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Great Britain
  • Georgia,
  • Denmark,
  • Estonia,
  • Ireland,
  • Spain,
  • Italy,
  • Canada,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Moldovans,
  • the Netherlands,
  • Germany,
  • Norway,
  • Poland,
  • Portugal,
  • Romania,
  • Slovakia,
  • USA,
  • Turkey,
  • Hungary,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Croatia
  • the Czech Republic,
  • Switzerland,
  • Sweden.

You can read more about the map of the countries where the NMT will be held by link.

The department says that number of seats to participate in testing abroad is limited.

“If all seats in a specific city or country are taken, this location will no longer be available for selection. If you have already selected a venue, but found a more convenient location, — until April 15, 2024 you have the opportunity to update your choice in your personal account”. – the Ministry of Education and Culture emphasizes.

Also, some locations will be available only within the additional NMT session, which will continue from July 11 to 19.

As a reminder, registration for participation in the national multi-subject test is already open started and will last until April 11 inclusive.

If the entrant is outside of Ukraine, but studies remotely, during registration, he must select the option of receiving education at a Ukrainian school and upload the corresponding document.

If the entrant completes the foreign course educational institution, must upload a notarized translation of the certificate from the place of study.

Also to register on NMT can be done through the “Diya” mobile application.

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