Is it possible to squeeze pimples and how to distinguish them from acne

Is it possible to squeeze pimples and how to distinguish them from acne


Is it possible to squeeze pimples and how to distinguish them from acne?


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Every person in his life has encountered rashes on the skin – and this is a completely natural process. However, it is important to be able to distinguish single inflammation and acne in order to start treatment in time, if it turns out to be necessary.

Dermatologist Anastasia Melnyk told “UP. Life” how to distinguish ordinary acne from a disease and whether it is possible to squeeze them out.

She notes that absolutely everyone can have rashes, because everyone has pores. Periodic inflammation, between which 3-4 weeks of clean skin is the absolute norm.

“At the same time, acne is a chronic disease that recurs. With it, rashes on the skin are permanent. If there are only three of them, but they are always replaced by the other three, this is also acne, just of a mild stage.” – emphasizes the doctor.

She adds that acne is not only rashes, but also constantly present comedones – subcutaneous pimples. After all, they exist inflammatory and comedonal acne

Incendiary characterized by the presence of papules (red inflammatory rashes) and pustules (red rashes with pus). With comedonal acne, black spots and whiteheads (subcutaneous bumps) appear.

According to Anastasia Melnyk, it is comedonal that people often do not consider it necessary to treat. However, it needs it, just as it is fiery.

Is it possible to squeeze pimples and do mechanical cleaning?

Squeeze pimples is another common mistake. This is a mechanical effect, to which the skin can react in only one way – pigmentation. And in the worst case, scarring may appear altogether.

According to the doctor, patients aged 40-50+, who in the 1990s and 2000s were constantly cleaning, now often face the problem of spot pigmentation on the face.

“The rash should always be given a little time to “live”. This process can be accelerated with cosmetic products, but it is not necessary to squeeze it in any case. Therefore, many people are now actively switching to acids, ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning. Anything – just don’t press with your hands.”she says.

Meanwhile, mechanical cleanings, which are often offered in salons, are justified only if a person has active comedonal acne, which means will “pull” to the surface for a very long time.

“However, this method should be used only in combination with therapy. Also, mechanical cleaning is allowed for people with excessive sebum secretion. If you have good skin, active acne or active rosacea, mechanical cleaning is prohibited.” – says the doctor.

Often people confuse sebaceous threads on the nose with comedones and try to get rid of them. However, the expert notes that a sebaceous thread is just a black spot in the pore area. It may even protrude above the surface, but slightly. However, if there is a noticeable bump, it is already a comedone.

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