Is the weight loss drug “Ozempik” registered in Ukraine (not)

Is the weight loss drug “Ozempik” registered in Ukraine (not)


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The drugs “Ozempik”, “Vegovi” and “Saxenda” against diabetes, which are also widely used for weight loss, have gained popularity abroad.

In Ukraine registered the drug “Ozempik”, however, it was not officially imported into the country, learned “Ukrainian truth. Life”.

In particular, it is known that during the years 2022-2024, the medicine “Ozempik” was not submitted to the state control of the quality of medicines.

The website of the State Medical Service reports on separate series of the medicinal product “Ozempik” (MP5E511, NP5G866 and MP5B060), which were not officially imported into the territory of Ukraine and have signs of falsification.

The State Medical Service also warns of a large number of unregistered sites offering medicines. They are most often the source of low-quality and falsified drugs imported by smugglers, so it is categorically not recommended to buy drugs from there.

“UP. Life” learned information about another drug “Vegovi”, which is also used to treat obesity. The Ministry of Health says that this medicine is not registered in Ukraine.

Also, the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” reported that it does not carry out centralized purchases of “Ozempik” and “Saxenda” drugs.

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