Its oldest resident, a 27-year-old bear, died in a bear shelter near Lviv

Its oldest resident, a 27-year-old bear, died in a bear shelter near Lviv

In the bear shelter “Domazhyr” in the Lviv region, its oldest resident – the Tien-Shan brown bear Khrystyna – died. She was 27 years old.

This was reported on the shelter’s Facebook page.

The bear was born in 1996. For 21 years, she lived in poor conditions. Khrystyna had an owner who forced her to perform in circuses and restaurants. She was a “star” of various TV shows and series.

During the “performance season”, the animal was constantly kept in a hot, dark van. In winter, she lived in a tiny hut next to the fish farm.

Christina the bear. Photo: Yaroslav Tymchyshyn/FOUR PAWS

In 2017, the bear was rescued by volunteers and given to a shelter. She had numerous health problems: arthrosis of the hip joint, degenerative changes in the wrist of the left front paw, liver disease, a cataract in the left eye and the right eye removed due to glaucoma.

Khrystyna was a very active and brave animal. She loved to swim in the pool in any weather. The bear’s favorite food was fish and peaches.

“She will be remembered by all of us as an example of resilience and, thanks to her unique appearance, as one of the most adorable bears we have ever rescued!” – wrote in the shelter.

It will be recalled that animal rights activists told the story of the rescued bear Mashuta, who was attacked by dogs for 15 years.

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