Kyiv residents ask to rename the street in honor of the Azov resident “Sukhary”, who died after returning from captivity

Kyiv residents ask to rename the street in honor of the Azov resident “Sukhary”, who died after returning from captivity

Residents of Kyiv are asking to rename Peremyshlska Street in honor of the fallen “Azov” combatant, Oleg Mudrak (“Sukhar”) from Kyiv. He fought since 2014, was the commander of the 1st battalion of the “Azov” regiment and the defender of Mariupol.

The fighter survived Russian capture and a terrorist attack in Olenivka, but died after returning home as a result of the torture he experienced, according to the Association of Families of Defenders of Azovstal.

The petition on renaming the street in the Podilsk district has already gathered 6,000 signatures, which means that it must be considered by the city authorities.

“In peaceful life, Oleg was a wonderful and caring son, brother and reliable friend. He lived in Vynogradar and studied at specialized school No. 193 in the Podilsky district, walking down the street every day in Przemyśl (in the past Chervonopolska).

Oleg was a true patriot who proved his love and devotion to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people not only by word, but also by deed.the appeal states.

Photo: Azov

Oleg Mudrak participated in the Shirokyn operation, the “Azov” rotation on the Svitlodar arc, defended Mariupol and “Azovstal”. He was a fan of CSKA Kyiv.

He had the rank of major, was an experienced commander and an example for the personnel. He received numerous awards, in particular, the Order of “Bohdan Khmelnytskyi” III degree, the medal “Defender of the Fatherland”, “Defender of Mariupol” and others.

After the extremely difficult defense of Mariupol, in May 2022, together with other defenders, he left the territory of the Azovstal plant. In captivity, he survived inhuman torture and a Russian terrorist attack in Olenivka on July 28-29.

“Sukhar’s photo from captivity, emaciated and emaciated, in the summer of 2022 shook social networks – the stout warrior did not look like himself at all.” – they say in the Association.

Photo: Alina Ledina/Facebook

On September 21, 2022, “Sukhar” returned home as part of the exchange, but the consequences of the torture were evident. Oleg was unable to recover his lost health – the combatant’s heart stopped on the morning of February 21, 2023. He was 35 years old.

“Sage Oleg Vasyliovych is a major, a hero, a man of steel, my uncle, my brother, my support, my pride, my beacon and an example of character! He burned this life, enjoyed it and ignited the hearts of all the people around him.

He was never afraid of the old woman with the scythe because she was afraid of him. And I am sure that he went on his way without fear, accompanied by incredibly beautiful Valkyries. And on the same day, he got to that hall, where he saw his friends, who were waiting for him with all honors!” – his nephew Danylo wrote about “Sukhar”.

We will remind you that earlier the Olenivka Family Community asked to start the Days of Mourning and Commemoration of the Victims of the Terrorist Attack: the petition on the president’s website has collected 25,000.

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