Large families can receive help from the state: how to apply for the appropriate status

Large families can receive help from the state: how to apply for the appropriate status

In Ukraine, social guarantees and payments are provided for large families. The Office of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, reminded which families are considered to have many children and how to issue the relevant status.

Which family has many children

A large family is considered to be a spouse who is in a registered marriage, lives together and jointly raises three or more children. In particular, it refers to persons under the age of 23, if they are studying full-time in professional and higher education institutions.

The status of a large family can be issued if one or both members of the spouses have children born in previous marriages, but the children live with them in the new family.


The corresponding status is also granted if one of the parents is raising and living with three or more children on their own.

How and where to issue the status of a large family

To confirm the status of a large family or a child from a large family, an appropriate certificate must be issued. The document is issued to children from 6 years of age and one parent, regardless of place of residence, within ten working days from the date of submission of the application.

Such a certificate can be issued at the structural units of local executive bodies or at the National Center for Social Security.

What benefits are provided for a large family

Families that belong to large families and have a correspondingly confirmed status can count on certain benefits from the state:

  • 50% discount on the cost of fuel, in particular liquid, if the houses do not have central heating;
  • 50% discount from the approved subscription rates for using the apartment phone;
  • 50% discount on payment for housing and communal services (within the limits set by the law).

What are the social guarantees for children from large families

Children who were born or live in a large family can claim a number of benefits:

  • free receipt of medicines according to a doctor’s prescription;
  • annual medical examination:
  • free travel by various means of transport, regardless of distance and place of residence (except for taxis);
  • free recovery and recreation;
  • monthly payments for the third and each subsequent child until the child reaches 6 years of age.

Payment of material assistance

The allowance begins to be paid from the month when one of the parents submitted the application and the necessary documents. If the family becomes large due to the simultaneous birth of two or more children, funds are paid for each child.


Financial assistance is provided by the social security body at the applicant’s place of registered or actual residence.

When can they stop paying benefits for children from large families

The state can not only charge payments, but also deprive the right to receive financial assistance in the event that the parents refused to raise the child or were deprived of parental rights.

Assistance is terminated if the funds are not used for the intended purpose and there are no adequate conditions for the maintenance of the child. Funds are also not allocated if the parents placed the child on full state maintenance.

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