Mental health centers will be created in multidisciplinary hospitals – Lyashko

Mental health centers will be created in multidisciplinary hospitals – Lyashko

Every cluster hospital in Ukraine plans to create a mental health center where patients can receive psychological help. The centers will be one of the structural divisions of hospitals.

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said this at a briefing on January 17, Ukrinform reports.

At present, every patient is able to consult their family doctor with problems related to mental health.

“The medical system is moving to a new stage – in each cluster hospital we are creating mental health centers, which will have both psychologists and psychotherapists, where you can get psychological support and help. In the new Program of medical guarantees for 2024, a package is provided, according to which a mental health team should be formed in every medical facility.” – said Lyashko.

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The minister also noted that the hospital network is ready. Agreements are now being concluded with medical facilities. After the contracting is completed, the National Health Service of Ukraine will publish dashboards on which these hospitals can be found.

As the minister added, other hospitals, subject to compliance with the requirements of the National Health Service, can also create a mental health center.

In the future, as part of the development of the mental health system, it is planned to introduce psychological rehabilitation.

“Within sanatorium-resort treatment, we want to create something that will help restore mental and psychological health,” – said Lyashko.

The minister also emphasized that the number of budgetary places in universities for the specialty “clinical psychology” will increase in 2023-2024.

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According to him, it is also important that graduates of medical schools take the mhGap (Mental Health Gap Action Programme) course. This global WHO program is designed to make mental health services more accessible by involving non-mental health professionals. After passing it, you can learn to recognize common mental illnesses and give recommendations for their treatment.

Also this year they plan to launch a school of supervisors who will work with family doctors providing services in the field of mental health.

We will remind you that the Ministry of Health named signs of problems with mental health. They can negatively affect all areas of life.

Vira Shurmakevich, “UP. Life”

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