NMT-2024: how to register for testing

NMT-2024: how to register for testing



Registration for the National Multimedia Test will begin on March 14. It will last until April 11 inclusive.

As noted in the Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of the Quality of Education, it will take place in an electronic format.

First of all, potential participants should to create on the website of UTSOYAO personal officewhere have to specify:

  • surname, first name and patronymic,
  • date of birth,
  • passport data,
  • taxpayer card number (RNOKPP).

The institution notes that passports that expired during martial law remain valid. You can also register with a valid ID card.

About obtaining RNOKPP (registration number of the taxpayer’s account card) should be taken care of in advance. If the entrant has doubts about its authenticity, it is possible to check additional marks that may be in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or in a foreign passport, a birth certificate or a certificate on the assignment of a taxpayer identification number.

After entering the personal account, it is necessary enter contact information and choose one of the categories – “graduate of the current year” or “graduate of previous years”.

“A graduate of past years” choose those participants who have already graduated from school and have a relevant document about it.

“If you study at a school / gymnasium / lyceum or in the 1st or 2nd year of a college or professional (vocational and technical education) institution and only this year will get a full general secondary education – indicate the category graduate of the current year” and choose your educational institution from the list.

The document confirming information about the level of education obtained is a certificate from the place of studyin which it must be stated that you “complete general secondary education in (month) 2024 at (name of educational institution)”, – explained in the Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of the Quality of Education.

If necessary, it is worth explaining what special conditions must be created for the participant to pass the NMT.

Next, it is necessary to indicate the subject of choice, the settlement in Ukraine or abroad, where the participants plan to take the test, as well as the language in which the tasks will be written. If they made mistakes when choosing, you can make changes until April 15.

In addition, you need to upload copies of documents required for registration. All information must be sent to the UTSOYAO for processing by clicking the appropriate button on the website. It is important to check the correctness of the specified data before sending.

What documents will need to be uploaded?

  • a copy of an identity document;
  • a document on obtaining a full general education for those who finished school earlier or a certificate from the place of study for those participants who will finish it in 2024;
  • taxpayer card.

It may also be necessary certificates of name change, conclusion or dissolution of marriage, provided that there are discrepancies in the documents about personal data.

If the participant needs the creation of special educational conditions, he must present a medical opinion (document form: No. 086-3/o “Medical opinion on the creation of special (special) conditions for passing an external independent assessment”.

Those submitting documents in a foreign language must have a notarized translation.

For persons who refused to accept RNOCPP and have a corresponding mark in their passport, or foreigners who are not registered in Ukraine as taxpayers, a document confirming the reason for not entering information about RNOCPP is required.

If, for certain good reasons, the entrant cannot take the test, he must provide the relevant document. Without confirming him have the right to refuse registrationemphasized in UTSOYAO.

Peculiarities of registration of those students who are abroad

If the entrant is outside Ukraine, but studies remotely, he must choose the option of receiving education in a Ukrainian school and upload a certificate confirming this.

Only those entrants who this year are completing general secondary education abroad must indicate this during registration by uploading a notarized translation of the certificate from the place of study.

Participants who live abroad will also have the opportunity to choose the subject and the town where they will be tested.

We used to told on the rules for conducting the NMT in 2024.


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